The 10 Best Electric Shavers for Men 2019

which is the best electric shavers for men sensitive skinWe all have troubles with our Razors and Shaving Foams, right?

Thanks to Technology for introducing a much better economical and affordable alternative to Razors. This Alternative is called Electric Shaver.

The Electric Shaver only needs to be connected to an Electric Source where It gets activated and you can start shaving your facial hairs with out having the trouble of applying shaving foam first and taking the razor and shave with it up and down till the last and smallest hair is cut off. Well, We can save you with all that trouble and worries.

How? By showing you the Best Electric Shavers you can get which are Affordable, Economical and Cheap so that They don’t get to be a burden on your budget. Let’s get started then!

Top 10 The Most Comfortable Best Electric Shavers For Men 2019 List

So to help make the right choice, here’s 10 of today’s most comfortable & recommended electric razors for professional guys and barbers too.

What to consider while Buying an Electric Razor, Rotary or Foil Shavers?

Different Men have different Facial Hairs and so They have their Facial Hairstyles. Some want their Beards to be straight, Some want a Goatee, Some want a French and many more. The confusion beings when you start to think which one would the best for you. So, Let us make it simple for you here. Rotary Shavers are best for those Men that want a clean shave, no facial hairstyles and the one’s that don’t want to be looking to shave every second. The Foil Shavers are for those who want to have Facial Hairstyles as these kinds of Razors are better for straight line shaving.

Top Rated Braun & Panasonic Razors Under 200

01. Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver for Men with Clean and Charge Station

best braun series 7 shaving machine
Braun as always have never left us unsatisfied with their Products, and so, They haven’t left us unsatisfied with their Electric Shaver. It has a first class build quality with everything nicely put together. With the buzzing and annoying sound most of the Shavers have, This shaver has kept them silent. It runs very quietly, making its best not to annoy you. It comes with a good gripping material, if your hands are wet don’t worry about it, this electric shaver has tight gripping material which makes you hold the Electric Shaver tightly and firmly so that you can have your shaving smoothly. You can manually or automatically clean the shaver. For Automatically, Braun provides Automatic Cleaning Station and Manually you can clean the shaver with water but it doesn’t get very clean since the clutter block is a single unit. You’ll get an easy, remarkable and amazingly shave with this Electric Shaver and for sure you will not regret buying it. It shaves perfectly where you have dense hair or where it is difficult to shave due to the fact of Intelligent Sonic Technology. You don’t need to worry about water getting into the shaver because it is hundred percent waterproof. Optifoil in the Electric Shaver trims Hair as short as 0.05mm which is striking for remarkable closeness. Its Synergized Foil and Blades gives you the Perfect Shave that you have for the longest time been itching to have. This Electric Shaver haven’t disappointed its customers because it does what it says.

02. Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor, 5-Blade Cordless with Multi-Flex Pivoting Shaver Head, Wet/Dry

Panasonic electric shaver review
Ever thought which could be the McLaren of Electric Shavers? This is the one! It is a super fine cutting equipment with cutting your hair just as you want and shaving your facial hairs like no other Electric Razor. This upgrade is lighter and better balanced than the previous versions. Your shaving with this would feel more elegant and solid. One great update that came with it is the Lock Ring for the power button. The magic of this lock button or ring is that it prevents the user from accidently turning the shaver on, Hence a User Friendly and a Precautious shaver. This Lock button was also available in the previous version which is LA63. Another upgrade in it is the five-minute charge. It gives you the same level of shaving as it does when it is fully charged, so if you are running late and need a quick shave then charge it for five minutes and you’ll have the best shave as you always will have with this Electric Razor. If you want a nice solid shave and elegance then this the Electric Shaver you need to get. It is truly a fantastic example of Modern Electric Shavers. It has Multi-Flex turning head which empowers the LV61 Panasonic razor to float easily along the face, button, neck and jaw for a smooth and precise shave. It uses 5 blades for ultra sharp, close and comfortable shave. It gently adjusts the Shaver heads to the outlines of your Facial Skin to give you the best shave. Customers have highly regarded this Electric Shaver with their reviews and It justifies the facts about what this shaver can do.

Best Panasonic, WahlS & Norelco Shavers Under 100

03. Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor for Men, 4-Blade Cordless Shaver, Wet/Dry with Linear Motor and Flexible Pivoting Shaver Head

Panasonic shaver wet/dry best for head
Panasonic’s ES8243A Arc4 is an upgraded version. With this upgrade, They have included more features and uses for the users to use and has made it to have more worth than the earlier version of the Electric Razor. In this version of the Razor, They have the new four blade technology which has appeared to give faster, closer and a beautiful shave. The Four blades refer to the outer foil, having the square design. There are two more blades inside but They have been put farther than the earlier version. The inner blades are put to get more closeness to your skin and cut those hairs that you want to. Inner blades are given a way to have more access to trim the hairs on the skin, hence shaving like never before. Shave with this Electric Razor will be easy and smooth as the Blades go smoothly over your skin and trim the hairs. This is a big improvement than the earlier versions of this Electric Razor. It is designed to have the comfort in holding and the head design is made in a certain way that hits all the areas that are hard to reach on the neck. It has the option of Wet or Dry shaving which means you can shave it with your skin wet. It has curved Panasonic Arc4 that follows your natural skin outlines for more and maximum shave. It is a Hundred Percent Waterproof Electric Shaver, so don’t worry If you use it in shower, It’ll work perfectly.
With the highest ratings of the customers, It seems like This Electric Shaver is giving the users that It said would give.

04. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Finale Finishing Tool 8164 – for Professional Guys – Stylists and Barbers – Super Close Shave

Top foil shaver for smooth and close shave - Wahl
5 Star Electric Shaver is also considered as one of the great Electric Shaver among others. This Electric Shaver cuts your hair like a butter, very smooth and clam shave. Some shavers have a problem of hurting the skin especially of those that have acne problems but Shaving with this Shaver has never been easier before. It shaves off your skin without hurting your skin a little and It is a great remedy for those who want to shave their facial hairs but can’t do it due to their acne problems. It doesn’t irritate the skin hence giving the user a comfortable shave without having the need to cause a problem. You will see that this Electric Shaver will shave your skin unbelievably right to your skin. The Lithium Battery last long enough and User’s have highly regarded this Electric Shaver’s Battery. For the convenience of the customers, the company includes accessories with it, for example shaver, foil guard etc. You will get the effects of a Razor Blade by using this Electric Shaver.
You can shave your facial hairs smoothly with Electric Shaver and Free yourself from the worry of buying a bad shaver.

05. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46)

Phillips norelco shaver for smooth shave
Norelco is one of a kind Electric Shaver with Many Users saying a high regard of this Electric shaver which means It has proven it’s worth to the customers. Many of the customers are happy that they bought the Norelco Shaver 4500 as it has many uses. This Electric Shaver gives better shave and gives a fancy shave than other Electric Shavers available in the Market. It makes sure that you have less and less irritation while shaving, particularly in the sensitive skin areas like under the chine etc. Irritation is something that you don’t want while you are shaving from an Electric Shaver. One big aspect of this shaver that mostly customers liked was it’s quietness. It doesn’t make the buzzy sound like other Electric shavers, It shaves off your facial hairs smoothly and quietly like no other Electric Shaver. There is no battery meter, it only flashes a light when the battery runs out of charge or is running out of charge. It tells you that the shaver has low battery with just flashing a light. You can not use this shaver while it’s plugged in which means you will have to use it when it is fully charged or has gained enough charge to have your shave. They have Dual Precision heads designed to encounter the long and the short hairs at the same time, shaving them with great effort. It has Aquatec technology which means that you can shave with this Razor while your face is wet with foam or some gel or you can shave while your face is dry. It also has a pop up trimmer for sideburns and nose hairs. This Electric Shaver comes with a complete package.
It has it’s Pros and Cons but It’s a good buy and is a good shaver when it comes to shaving.

Best JTrim, Conair & Remington Shavers Under 50

06. Conair for Men I-Stubble

conair dor men stubble
This Electric Shaver provides the best shaving needs for men for a low price. Everyone would want to have a great shave which doesn’t cost much or which has a low price than the electric shavers available. The I-Stubble has a great setup. Let me tell you how. It has a comb attached to the trimmer which can be adjusted by using the buttons up and down right above the power button. With the help of this you can go from 0.4mm to 5.0mm. This is great for people that want different trimming for different lengths or that don’t different facial hairstyles. You can go longer as much as 5.0 or you can go shorter as 0.4mm, which is a great upgrade concerning the previous version of the Electric Shaver. If you want more closer shave then you can take the comb out and flip it back to go ever more closer shave.
It has a great charging facility to give, It can be used for 60 minutes after charging it for 90 minutes or If you want are in a hurry then you have a great shave in just charging it for Five Minutes. As Waterproof Electric Shavers are introduced, The I-Stubble has also the quality of being a waterproof Electric Razor. You can rinse or wash the Razor under the tap for cleaning or you can use it under the shower. It’s Electrochemically formed blades gives you sharpness, durability and accuracy for your shaving. If you are low on budget then this is the Electric Razor you should get as It serves the Shaving Needs as best as It can.

07. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor, Electric Shaver, (Best Seller)

Remington electric foil shaver for men's
Remington’s F5-5800 is a great Electric Shaver to get your hands as most of the users have rated this highly and says a high regard of this Electric Shaver, It shows it’s worth. It has a pre-installed trimmer between the two foils that cut hairs longer than stubble to stubble length. This Cool feature isn’t present in any other Electric Shaver. You will get this feature only at this Feature as They don’t have installed this feature in both Rotary and Foil Electric Shavers. This is a unique measure to have. It is built solidly for you to use with great comfort and to have a great shave like no other shaver. It has a flexible shaving head that moves when you go to different areas of your face and neck and so the end result is much much better, you get a top notch shave at the end. The handle of the Razor is made of up a tight gripping material where it lets you to handle the Electric Razor firmly. Another important factor to mention is that, It is so easy to clean the shaver after you shave every day. All you have to do is take off the top head of the Razor and blow/clean all the particles away. You don’t have to connect a wire to it when you are shaving, you can shave your sensitive skin without that is cordless. It has Intercept Saving Technology which means that The feature is between the foils to pre-trim the longer hairs for a perfect shave.
Many users of this Electric Shaver has said a lot about it. It truly proves it’s worth.

08. Electric Shaver For Men By JTrim 3DFLEX Wet dry System Cordless Rotary Shavers Electric Razor With Sideburns Nose Hair Trimmer JPT-GF400 Jay’s Products

JTrim cordless mens rotary shavers and trimmer
This Electric Shaver, JTrim 3DFlex, Will not let your shaving needs down. It will give you the best shave that you have been wanting from an Electric Shaver. Due to it’s design, It doesn’t make noisy noise’s neither does it make loud buzzing sounds in order to ensure you your annoy-free shave. Your face will look all smooth by shaving with this Electric Shaver. It is made with durable materials that ensures you get the best shave that it says you will have. It is a cordless electric shaver so it saves you from the trouble of connecting a cord with the shaver and a socket in order to shave on it. It provides comfortable, cordless and elegant shave. You can clean the electric shaver easily, by just opening the 3 pivoting rotating blades and rinse it under the tap water to clean the trimmer or the shaver. It comes with an interchangeable sideburns trimmer and nose hair trimmer, giving you the complete package. The Shaver heads gets to shave your facial hairs by confronting smoothly the outlines of your facial skin. It is a Waterproof Electric Shaver where It has Wet and Dry Shaving System meaning that you can shave with while you are in shower, don’t worry about the shaver getting problematic because they have built this Waterproof. You can have this Electric Razor and have your perfect shave with it at a affordable price.

Best New & Cheap Electric Razors Under 30

09. LuckyFine NEW 3D Floating Men’s Electric Beard Shaver Rechargeable, Washable Razor Cordless

LuckyFine new 3d rechargeable shaver in market
The New Luckyfine Electric Shaver is something. It truly fits the definition of what a good electric shaver is. It makes sure to get you the best shave that you have never experienced with any other Electric Shaver. People that are tired with their old electric shavers should try this one because it is what you need with low cost and it is affordable and economical. It has a User Friendly Design for the handle, making sure for you to hold it firmly. Its handle is made for you with such materials that It won’t be slipped off your hand or would get on another way while you are shaving your facial hairs. It fits nicely in hand. The Electric Shaver has a 3 Head Design that moved in 360 degrees and moves like no other Electric Shaver. It’s 360 degrees movement makes sure that there is no hair left on the skin or it gets its job done very well. The shavers shaving’s are satisfactory and applaud able. Hairs grow in different directions and it gets quite hard to trim them or to cut them but with the function of 360 degrees movement, it trims everything and doesn’t leave a hair behind. As it made User Friendly, It doesn’t hurt your face while you are shaving your facial hairs. It has a great battery that can run for ten days after charging it full. As it is cheap and gets the job done in a nice way, it’s great to have this Electric Shaver.

10. SweetLF Electric Shaver for Men Waterproof IPX7 Wet & Dry Rechargeable Rotary Razor with Pop-up Trimmer

Cheapest electric shavers and trimmers for men - SweetLF
SweetLF’s Electric Shaver comes with many functions and great shape. This the kind of Electric Shaver that one needs with it’s wide use of applications. This Electric shaver has a set of lights which shows you what charge is the shaver at, for example 20%, 40% etc. It has a great battery and charge power, meaning that It can hold up for weeks or a week after recharging it fully, for once. This shows how strong the battery is. It has three floating rotary shaver heads which shaves accordingly to the outlines of your facial skin of your neck, jaw and face giving you a comforting and easing shave. It comes with Wet and Dry specialty which means that you can shave wit it in a shower. If you need to clean the shaver then that’s easy too. Just pop off the head of the shaver and run it under a tap. It displays how much battery life is left so you get to know when to charge the shaver. It has an attractive design and it doesn’t imprint the fingerprints on it which makes the Electric Shaver look dirty as it has a shiny surface. The cutting edge in this Shaver is it uses a micro USB cable that is given to charge the shaver. This implies that you don’t need to bother with yourself with charging as you can charge it outside by connecting it to a power bank or anything. It makes it simple to do wherever you can see yourself in a reflect and get that perfect shave.
It is an impressing shaver which will not leave you unsatisfied.

Buyer’s Guide

How to pick the Best Electric Shaver

Most of us don’t have a clue Which Electric Razor is best for me and Which isn’t. We just buy it without looking at certain factors and Our Criteria.

We have outlined some factors that you need to go through before buying an Electric Razor.

The Price: You don’t want an Electric Shaver that is Expensive and doesn’t serve your need because you want Facial Hairstyle or anything. Prices matter in case of Electric Shavers. Have a look at your finances before buying an Electric Shaver that is expensive because you don’t want to be broke in today’s world.

The Features: Different Electric Shavers have different features and for different purposes. Suppose Rotary Heads and Foil Heads have different purposes and so does everything that is included in an Electric Shaver. Have a look at the Features so that you can know what kind of Electric Shaver are you buying and what can it do.

The Brand: Matters for Business’s as it implies the Organisation’s reliability and strength in the Market. Brand name matters a lot. Buy an Electric Shaver that has a good brand name so that you get a great electric shaver.

Return Policies: Every company before selling any of their products have their Return Policies regarding it. You should Every Product’s Return Policy before Buying, not just in the case of Electric Razors, but in the case of every product because you don’t want to buy something that you can’t return or anything. So do read the Return Policies before buying an Electric Razor.


There are many kinds of Electric Shavers or Razors designed for their own purposes and features. They give different incentives and features that customers enjoy. So, Based on what you need there are many Electric Shavers that are reliable and affordable. Always choose an Electric Shaver that is aligned with your needs or what you want.

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