Top 10 Best Massage Chair Reviews 2019 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Sometimes we end up discovering that our muscles are stretched and the body is aching to relax after a long day work. And even after having long nights rest our bodies can’t get rid of the fatigue because of the stiff positions we sit in every day for hours.

Fortunately, those days are long gone when you had to find a massage therapist to tackle your muscular and mental stress.

Now you can have your own personal massage chair that can tackle your muscle problems just like any human therapist would, and in some situations even better.

If your back hurts, a posture brace could also help you.

Choosing the right massage chair can be daunting sometimes even stressful and time-consuming. This is because there is currently a range of products that vary extremely in price, performance, style and intensity.

It requires a great deal of experience and understanding to choose the best products that can take care of your needs. Well, based on our extensive research, experience and expert opinion we have come up with a comparison chart of the top best massage chairs to help you make a fast and easy decision in your selection.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best For You

Health Benefits

Improves Circulation: With a full-body shiatsu and kneading massage as well as other techniques, blood circulation will be extremely improved resulting in more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and other vital organs.

Rejuvenates: Aside from ultimate relaxation, massaging products are also very effective in relieving tension from the muscles.

Relieves the muscle: The zero gravity chair allows relieving the muscle and providing relaxation.

Increases relaxation: All is the best-known equipment to combine massage and stress busting techniques. It calms you down therefore making you more peaceful and gathered.

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Top Best Massage Chair Reviews for 2019

These zero gravity massage chairs reviews will help you pick the best massaging chair 2019 on the market, good for your health, relaxing, and calming massage… Also, it will save you valuable time and money.

1. Inada Sogno DreamWave (The Luxury Benefits Chair)

It comes with a 1200-square inches massage coverage which is broader than any other reclining chair massagers.

It features an 8 figure motion proprietary technology with a gentle and undulating massage that mimics a hands-on massage therapist. It includes an 8 pre-programmed massage sequence with settings for a stretch, morning and nighttime.Best Massage Chairs 2016

This Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair also comes with a unique child-friendly (+14) massage program that allows people of all generations to enjoy the benefits of a massage chair. This is a really great, unique feature of this massage chair that makes it a great chair option for families.

The chair has a light heating feature to enjoy and sooth.

The chair comes with a User’s Manual and instructions. Provided is the 3-Year Limited Warranty with On-Site Service when purchased from authorized dealers.

This chair is available in several color variations which are perfect for either a home or office setting.

2. Osaki OS-4000 – Executive in Zero-G Mode

Another massage chair that can be a good choice is the Osaki OS-4000, this recliner allows you to choose from 6 unique auto programs that will suit your needs just with the touch of a button.

Best Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Both the massage intensity and speed are customizable in this great chair. You get 5 levels of speed and intensity that can change the massage from the slowest to the fastest and from the lightest to the most intense one.

The chair also features a body scan technology which adjusts the rollers for an interrupted session and adjusts itself automatically the height and width of the chair to fit your body.

It is available in various colours and It is covered with an upgraded faux leather polyurethanes (PU) covering for optimal comfort and durability and is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

With the zero-gravity technology, pressure will be relieved on your spine, your neck and your back will relax.

3. Luxury Shiatsu Chair – Affordable & Awesome

This chair is one of the best out there as it comes with 5-30 minutes of uninterrupted massage from head to toe, just choose the time that best fits you.

best Shiatsu 3D Chair under 1500

It comes equipped with 3-D technology that initially gives a full body scan to determine your exact body size so as to provide a unique personalized massage.

You will surely fall in love with the built-in heat therapy in the back to help relax the muscles. The 3 zero gravity positioning system is another great feature try out for maximum comfort and optimal massage.

4. Real Relax Favor-01 (Budget friendly with VR Headset)

The chair also has eight pinpointed massage points in the backrest for specific deep massage. What is more, the chair has 2 preset automatic programs for easy usage and boasts a heated seat cushion for the ultimate experience.

Best of Full Body Massage Chair under 1000

The chair has 35 airbags placed over the entirety of the chair from the feet to the head, which can work together to provide a full body massage, or can be used to pinpoint a certain area on the body such as the back or the feet.

That is not all, this chair brings you to the world of Virtual Reality with its Google Cardboard VR Headsets. With this, you can play games while enjoying that massage.

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Top 3 Massage Chairs Easily Buy for Under $1000

5. 360 Degree Swivel Leather Massage Recliner – Best features for the Price

This awesome Recliner Chair has 8-massage nodes function which offers you the most relaxation and comfort for your back, lumbar and legs. Besides, the armrests are adjustable.

best of recliner massage chair

It features a smooth manual reclining function for maximum comfort (backrest reclines and footrest pops up) 360-degree swivel which means the chair can be rotated in a full circle.

Includes a rocker function that allows you to rock gently up and down for ultimate comfort 8 point for optimal relaxation includes a heating system.

If you want to drink your favorite drink while relaxing, this chair comes with a thick padded armrest and 2-cup holders for your comfort.

6. Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner – Perfect for Home

If you are shopping for chairs then the Dorel Living Massager could be a good choice with a dual feature for optimal comfort.

top Massage Recliner Chair Under 500

The over-filled design of this massage rocker recliner with padded arms, smooth reclining and rocking will meet all of your relaxation needs.

The chair comes with a gentle massaging feature in the seat and back areas to loosen up stiff muscles. After the relaxing massage, you can then manoeuvre the chair into a reclining position to enjoy your television programs.

7. Massaging Leather Recliner & OttoMan With Leather Wrapped Base

Relaxation just got easier with this chair as it comes with five varying intensity levels and nine modes, with the sole purpose of comfort. This massaging recliner is made from black Leather Soft upholstery, offering both softness and durability for an optimal massage experience.

Leather Recliner Massager Chair

The massaging recliner also includes a remote control that helps you find the right setting for you. With options such as timer control, heat control and options that target various parts of the body, you can find a mode that meets your needs.

The separate ottoman allows you to change the height of the user in the chair and even comes with its own massaging component so that you can get every part of the body.

This is comes with pockets on both sides of the chair. This can come in handy and depends on the uses that you have for the chair. This can be a great place to keep items.

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Top 3 Massage Chairs You Can Buy for Under $2000

8. Authentic BeautyHealth Shiatsu Arm Massage Chair (6 New Auto Programs)

Searching for uninterrupted massage time, then you just got lucky. This fantastic chair comes with the option to time your massage from 5-30 minutes and includes a full body massage.

best BeautyHealth Shiatsu Arm massage chair under 2000

At the beginning of each session, it does a full 3D back scan to adjust to your body so you may get the best personalized massage. It also comes packed with 6 built-in automatic massage programs.

You can also check out the hand-held Jade heat massager which lets you apply heat therapy to the entire body.

To make the massage fun and even more relaxing, it comes with a built-in MP3 player allowing you synchronize the massage with music.

This chair offers you one of the best calf and foot massage using 12 airbags which provide the 4 pre-programmed air-massage combinations having 2 intensity levels from which to select from.

9. Kahuna LM6800 – Zero Gravity Full-Body Recliner

The Kahuna LM-6800 features an amazing computer body scan technology with two zero gravity positions which aids for a total body massage at one time.

Buy Full Body Zero Gravity Chair Under 2000

With its 4 automatic programs to massage you any way you want, relax, and allow it to work with its air pressured 36 airbags system.

You are able to control the speed of 3 levels and can adjust the pressure.

The back of the chair is heated, and it has a twisting buttock feature with detachable dual foot rollers that might precipitate a nap because it is so relaxing and stimulating to all body system points.

There is a unique stretch program in this chair called “Yoga Stretch” which allows for a full body stretch.

10. RelaxonChair MK-II Plus – Chair with Built Heating and Air Massage System (Chocolate)

This chair supports an automatic 3 stage zero gravity positions which helps relieve the strain and discomfort in your vertebrae. It also gives you the option to control the rate massage is rendered to your whole body.

bestofbest - Massage Chairs

Do you want that feature where your chair understands what type of massage to render without manually setting it yourself? This chair has a Built-in sensor technology that automatically scans the body and knows where to massage.

It does justice to the two lower back heating system that enhances the massage experience.

It is designed to provide an almost human-like massage throughout the body and allows for a full body stretch called “spinal decompression”.

The chair comes fully equipped with a complete foot and calf massager. It also includes airbags that are there to give a compression massage combined with foot rollers under soles which help trigger relaxation all over the body.

How To Pick The Best For Sale Near You

Price: Learn how to look for a chair that fits on your budget. You do not want to spend on a chair that will end up disappointing you.

Available features: This is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a massage chair. You will need to jot down on paper what features are important for you and what options you would want on your chair.

Warranty: Look for a chair that has a manufacturer’s warranty information as well as users manual for the parts, do read the policy thoroughly before buying. So you will have someone to go to when to encounter serious problems with your chair.

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Massage chairs are great for those in need for a way to relax their muscles after a stressful day at work. The chairs vary in options and prices. There are only a few that can actually mimic the therapeutic effects of a professional massage. When looking for a massage chair it is important to look out for some of the factors listed above. Fortunately, the list of items out there gives you options to select that suits your preference.





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