8 Best Outdoor Beverage Coolers Reviewed

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Sometimes, it can be disappointing to have beverages lose their chilling effect, because the needed apparatus to have them chilled properly isn’t available. I personally enjoy taking my family and friends on regular picnicking activities. Before I go out on a trip, I ensure that I have everything in place, ranging from packing assorted food items and chill beverages. The problem I have, however, is my beverages go hot before I get to my destination. It’s not that I like it this way, but the issue is hosting an outing event without a chilling effect, which is usually displeasing for invited guests and family members.

Having managed to continue with the disappointment of drinking a hot beverage served in its unpleasant form, I decided to go out on a survey to find outdoor coolers that can help retain the chilling effect of the choicest beverages for my outdoor events. To my utmost surprise, I came across many interesting chilling apparatus that can help retain ice for long hours. I will give more explanations about eight beverage coolers that can be of use to every outdoor event.

What is an Outdoor Beverage Cooler?

A cooler is a container that can be used to chill food, drinks or perishable items to either retain their taste or make the items receptive to the digestive system in a relaxed fashion. As earlier mentioned, coolers can come handy for those that enjoy going for outdoor events to have a good time.

The Functions of Outdoor Beverage Coolers

Coolers come in different sizes and shapes, together with different functions. Some are better coated with foams to help maintain the condition of food items placed in them. The ones for chilling beverages have better features, of which these features will be discussed later on. At this moment, here are some functions of outdoor beverage coolers.

  • They have a special feature to maintain an air tight condition for keeping beverages chilled.
  • They can keep ice from thawing for a long period.

Items to Look Out for Before Buying Outdoor Beverage Coolers

Before setting out to buy outdoor beverage coolers, there are some features a person needs to look out for. A person should expect the humidity outside one’s home is different from the humidity indoors. Therefore, buying coolers for outdoor events must be on the basis of a thoughtful selection of the best. Here are some features of outdoor beverage coolers which are common to vacation lovers.

  • A unique lift handle that can be used to drag along the coolers during a long walk. Travelling light is one of the things you need to watch out for while having a nice picnic with your friends. You wouldn’t want your hand tied up with too many items and activities while entertaining your guests.
  • Good strong wheels and wheel locks to help coolers maintain a good position. Regardless of the slope of a picnic area, any beverage cooler you have to select from a market square or online must have strong wheels and wheel locks to withstand the weight of your beverages.
  • Drainage plugs that can help release defrost ice out of the coolers. You need to check out for this feature, if you don’t want your outfit drenched while serving beverages to your visitors.
  • Portability

8 Best Outdoor Beverage Coolers

Since planning an outdoor meeting is an inevitable affair for all fun-loving families, superior picnic gadgets are needed to make your outing hassle-free. There are various outdoor beverage coolers you can choose from. A total of eight best outdoor beverage coolers shall be listed out, pointing out the pros and cons about each of them.

1. EdgeStar 24 Inch Wide 142 Can Built-in Outdoor Beverage Cooler

If you are in need of a cooler that can accommodate a large crowd, the Edgestar outdoor Beverage cooler can help you sort things out in a unique way. Sometimes, you may not have control over the crowd that has throng into your party. Therefore, you can expect to have beverages missing indiscriminately, because the party lovers are drinking beverages without caution. With this product you can create some level of caution, as it comes with a factory lock which guarantees the fact that beverages will go round to meet everyone equally. You can take a look at some of the pros and cons of this product below.


  • It can hold a large amount of beverages at a go
  • It can operate outside a high temperature, between 50-95 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Keeps beverages iced for a long period
  • It has an in-built fan that circulates air to chill every single beverage
  • It can store up to 142 oz. cans
  • A stainless steel door that keeps the cooler air-tight


  • This product doesn’t chill beverages outside 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The coolant may stop working abruptly, causing beverages to defrost.

2. Giantex Outdoor Cool Bar with Adjustable Height

This product,with the dimension 19.5*19.5*22.5 inches, is unique in the sense that it can serve various functions at different outdoor events. Are you planning a swimming party, a coffee meeting, or a picnic date with a beloved one? You can treat yourself and your guests to chilled beverages served from this outdoor cooler. Moreover, it is important to highlight the pros and cons of this item. They are found below.


  • A double wall insulating apparatus which has the capacity to chill beverages for up to 12 hours
  • A 3-in-one table capacity which can help a host prepared for any kind of meeting, special event, or party
  • Availability of a drainage plug which helps to remove thawed ice from the cooler
  • The flab that can carry a weight capacity as high as 110 lbs
  • The cooler can hold up to 7.93 gallons of beverages
  • The polypropylene resin is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions


  • The drainage plug is difficult to pull out at the needed time

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Giantex Outdoor Cool Bar Rattan Style Patio Cool Bar Table Adjustable Height...

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3. Trinity TXK-0802 Stainless Steel Cooler with Shelf

The name of this product is suggestive of the multifaceted functions it is capable of performing at every social event. Interestingly, it has been perfectly designed to house many items such as your food, beverages, and beverage covers, all at the same time without mixing them up. You don’t have to worry about how to transfer and distribute lots of yummy items with a tiring moving forth and back procedure. The reason is that the dimension is far unique, in the figure of 35.5”w*15”D*34.5”H. The pros and cons are highlighted below.


  • Beverages can stay up to two days while still cold
  • It has a large storage capacity to hold beverages, as much as 90 aluminum cans
  • The stainless steel can withstand harsh weather conditions without fading
  • This product comes with a cap catcher, which can prevent outdoor areas from getting littered by beverage caps
  • It has an extra storage space for keeping items other than beverages
  • You can attach and detach its components for easy mobility


  • The product can expand under intense heat
  • The hinges are weak and they spill rust liquid into the cooler
  • The stands are far too weak below the expectation

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Trinity TXK-0802 Stainless Steel Cooler with Shelf (2-(Pack))

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4. Giantex 80 Quart Rattan Rolling Cooler Cart Outdoor Patio

You can have an endless party celebration with this product because of its capacity to hold a lot of beer and beverages of all sorts. If you have to organize an outdoor even, and you are expecting more friends from long distance, this product can provide a hundred percent chill for all your beverages. Your beverages can stay chilled for as long as 36 hours without any form of disappointment, giving you the luxury of providing a soothing drinking experience for your guests. Here are some pros and cons that can make you consider buying the product.


  • This product can be moved easily from one point to another in a bubbling party
  • The interior stainless steel cart can keep beverages chilled for very long hours
  • It comes with a free bottle opener for uncapping beverages
  • You can assemble it together without any technical knowledge
  • It has wheel locks that can help the cooler stand firmly at outdoor events
  • It creates a good outdoor appeal for all forms of social gathering


  • The legs are not as sturdy as expected, allowing them break easily from a quick force or intense handling.
  • The insulator cannot retain ice for very long periods.

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5. UPHA 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest on Wheels with Shelf

With a 31”L*15”W*34”H dimension, this product can become the perfect fit for celebrating big events outside your home. As a matter of fact, this cooler can house a 100 cans along with 50 bottles, all chilled without missing a spot. The exciting aspect that may get to you is that this product is covered in Wicker material, giving it an artistic look of nature. So,regardless of the location you are, you get a feeling of nature by sensing the intricate design of this product. Here are some pros and cons for this product.


  • It has a bottle opener and a cap catcher, helping the environment stay clean
  • The product has a good design which can allow it fit into various settings
  • It is easy to assemble this product at any social gathering


  • The screws are far too short for tightening the sturdy stands
  • The threading isawful, making the screwing process of the stands difficult

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UPHA 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest Outdoor Patio Cooler Cart on Wheels...

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6. VINGLI 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest on Wheels

You can have a great party outside your home, inviting your friends and families to spend a quality time with you. Regardless of the atmospheric temperature, you can reach out to this product and pick out your carefully stored, chilled favorite beverage to celebrate the special moment in which you have invited lots of people to come have fun with you. You have little to worry about in terms of satisfying your guest, because this product can provide you with the best chilled beverage that one must have in an ongoing party or a circle of friends celebrating beautiful moments. Here are some of the pros and cons of this product as explained below. Interestingly, this product can allow you replicate the choicest parties bar, allowing your guests to choose or request for any sort of drink that meet their preference. The pros of this product are listed below.


  • This product can cool your beverages for up to 48 hours without breaking any form of circle
  • It comes with a tray which can help you serve you guest chilled beverages on several occasions
  • The Vingli 80 Quart has multidirectional wheels that can help you push or pull your cooler into any direction
  • It has a free cap opener 

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VINGLI 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest on Wheels, Portable Patio Party Bar...

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7. Giantex 80 Quart Patio Rolling Cooler Cart Ice Beer Beverage with Wheels

Do you plan on going on a long short vacation, taking out some time to arrange a mini-party among your family and friends? If your answer is yes, then you can work with a portable gadget which can help you maintain your chilled beverages for days without experiencing defrost ice. Another interesting fact about this product is that you have fewer worries about lifting heavy items, as this product is designed in its portable form. In this manner, you rest assured of traveling light, while still chilling out with your friends and families with cold beverage from a trusted chilling gadget. Here are some of the pros and cons of this product which are discussed below.


  • You can move this product around from one end of the part to another without getting exhausted
  • Beverages can remain cold for as long as two days
  • You can assemble it without prior knowledge of its kind


  • It has no drain plugs
  • You cannot field in large quantities of beverages into it
  • Excessive exposure to water makes the stands prone to rusting easily


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Giantex 80 Quart Patio Rolling Cooler Cart Ice Beer Beverage Chest Party...

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8. Outsunny 80 Quart Stainless Steel Portable Rolling Storage Cooler Cart

For those that are quite obsessed with pool party, this is the product that you can use on several occasions without fearing for an imminent damage. Most times, outdoor coolers that hang around a pool are prone to getting rust early, because of the water splash. However, this product comes with a stainless steel apparatus, which can prevent rust at moment you are intent at grabbing a beverage while relaxing in the pool. Interestingly, this product has a unique feature in the sense that there is a shelf in which you can place your beverages when you are taunted to come back to the pool. There are pros and cons you need to watch out for, if you are considering getting this product for your next pool party.


  • It has easy accessibility,allowing multiple hands to dip into the cooler to grab a beverage.
  • You don’t have to litter the pool with beverage caps, because it has a bottle opener and a cap catcher.
  • It comes with a drainage hole, which can release excess water when needed.
  • No technical support is needed to assemble it together.


  • The hinges are far too weak, allowing them rust quickly when hit by humidity
  • The cover of this product is loose, allowing air to thaw the ice while in use

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Outsunny 80 Quart Stainless Steel Portable Rolling Storage Cooler Cart

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I have been able to provide eight best outdoor beverage coolers which can provide a nice chilling outing for you at high temperature. Spending some special time on a vacation should be accompanied with the best food items and drinks, properly stored in good gadgets, waiting to be served to your invited guests. You should be able to treat your guests to a fine outing experience by providing the best delicacies, accompanied with a chilled beverages, which can touch the soul, the moment your guests decides to have a sip. As a matter of fact, a good outdoor cooler should be able to maintain chillness for some days, allowing you to spread the happiness and fun with your friends and families. You should consider yourself lucky to have these cooler lists pointed out, so that you can select a preference that suits your journey when you are planning for a vacation in the next summer to come.

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