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Winter is the season to live indoor, which make it the worse season for party lovers. However, it does not have to be like that. You can have indoor and outdoor parties even during this season. For indoors parties or get together you can heat the place with any heating device. However, for outdoor parties or get together you need to have proper heating set up so that your event does not become boring, with people huddled up. The best solution for having a warm outdoor party is the use of patio heaters. There are different types of outdoor propane heaters which you can invest in so that you winters would not be dull! To help you with selecting the best patio heater, we have a complete guide for you here.

When choosing a patio heater, you need to keep in mind very few things, but these are important. First thing is which area do you want to heat with the heater, and secondly what is the average temperature of your areas during the season. This is necessary as the different types of patio heaters have a different output, so you would have to look for a heater which matches your needs and the regulations within your city.

What are Outdoor Heaters

There are three main types of patio heaters that you can select from; depending upon your needs and the size of the place you want to heat. These are the freestanding, wall mounted, and tabletop patio heaters. Each one of these heaters has its benefits and meet a specific set of your needs when it comes to heating the outdoors for you.

If you have a large open area and do not have any tables around, or don’t want the table to be occupied by the heater, then this is the best type of patio heater for you! You might have seen them around in the numerous restaurants or bars that have outdoor seating. Their feature of being freestanding makes them ideal setting up almost anywhere. Also, since they mostly do not require any electrical output to operate, moving them around the patio or place is not a hassle at all. These heaters have a base, a large generator, a pole, and a reflector, which is used to distribute the heat. Since it operates on fuel, such as propane, the base is used to store it.

As the name specifies, these heaters are mounted on the walls. These are ideal for families who have children running around at the parties, as they would be far away from their reach. Unlike the freestanding heaters these are mostly electric, so you would need to make sure that there is a safe and powerful power outlet where you plan on mounting this heater. Along with a power outlet, you would also need to have brackets on the wall to fit the radiator onto it. These brackets can adjust the angle of the heater according to your liking. These heaters use an infrared method of heating the place, which is not very useful if you want to cook a large area.

These heaters do not have the option of freestanding or being mounted on a wall. You would require a table of some sort to place them there. It is usually for heating a tiny area. For instance, if you the heater to be set where you will be sitting then this is ideal for that. You can place it on the table you will be sitting at, and it will keep you and your guests warm. It would be distributing heat in every direction so that everyone at the table will be helpful and friendly. Since they are designed for proximity, they do not have the same level of output as the freestanding heaters.

Top Outdoor Propane Heaters

1. Sunjoy Lawrence Patio Heater

This is by far the best outdoor heater, which uses propane as a fuel. The Sunjoy Lawrence Patio Heater boasts an ultra-efficient heating capacity of up to 47,000 BTU. It’s safe and convenient, without the hassle and inconvenience of having to start a flame, bringing down timber, or even the penchant smell of smoke. It’s easy to maneuver and move from one place to another. The wheelbase brings to the table easy transport and mobility.

  • Crafted with stainless-steel double-layer protective head and a premium quality iron base
  • Sleek and stylish bronze hammered finish
  • Lights easily with valve knob & ignition button
  • Unit heats a wide area with a range of up to 9.5 feet in Semi-diameter
  • Safety shut off valve in case heater tips over
  • Use of soft cloth or brush for care and maintenance

2. Thermo Pyramid Heater

This is one of the stylish patio heaters that you can get your hands. Thermo Pyramid Heater another propane-fueled heater which you can use when having a party or get together outdoors.  It is ideal for sweet parties, as it features a dancing flame, which can be a beautiful spectacle for your guests. The output capacity of this heater is 46,000 BTU, which is quite high and as a result, it can heat a wide area. It is 7.5 feet and has a one-and-a-half-foot side base, which is large enough to have a twenty-pound tank for the fuel to be attached to it. This much fuel, the heater can efficiently heat a room for ten hours, which is more than enough for having a sweet party well into the night.

  •    It has an amazing and efficient design
  •    It has a plan which would add to the aesthetics of your patio
  •    It has a substantially large base for a propane tank
  •    It is easy to assemble
  •     It is one of the costliest heaters to invest in.

3. Mr. Heater MH30T

If you have a tight budget and are looking for a proper functioning outdoor heater, then this is the one for you. Mr. Heater MH30T is quite useful and efficient when it comes to heating your patio for you. It is propane fueled, and you can heat up to a capacity of 15,000 BTU.

  •    It has a built-in safety feature
  •    It is quick to assemble
  •    It can be easily attached to a cylinder of propane fuel
  •    It is not the most aesthetic looking
  •    It does not provide a lot of heat, and this is not ideal for large areas

4. Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater

This is another one of the best outdoor heaters that are available in the market. Texsport Heater for Outdoors is the single burner heater, which uses propane. Though it is a good heater, it does not have a prodigious output, and it only has a capacity of 2,890 BTU. It is made from stainless steel which makes it suitable for all sort of weathers.

  •    It can be attached to cylinders with a capacity of 16.4 and 14.1 ounces
  •    It is easy to install
  •    It has smooth and quick settings for turning on and off
  •    It has a low heating capacity
  •    It does not have space for large fuel cylinders

5. Mr. Heater MH9BX

This is by far the best heater, as it can be used outdoors as well as inside the house. Its freestanding capacity makes it easy to move it around the house without any issue. However, you can only attach one pound can of fuel to it at a time. The output capacity of the Mr. Heater MH9BX is functional though, as it can heat up to 9000 BTU.  It can efficiently heat an area of two hundred square feet quite nicely.

  •    It has a feature of auto turn off and lighting up to notify you
  •    It is quite portable
  •    It can heat large areas
  •    this heater lacks the capacity for large fuel tanks

6. Thermo Tiki

With an innovative infrared heating technology, the Thermo Tiki is an outdoor patio heater, which can heat a whole patio. This is what makes it listed as a ten best outdoor propane heater. The heater has extended durability as it is made from stainless steel. With built-in wheels, it is easier for the heater to be quickly moved around. The heater has a 41,000 BTU output.

  •    The main point of the Thermo tiki is that it has an excellent heating radius and indicator light
  •    It has built-in wheels
  •    You can get better quality at a lower price
  •    Fasteners are not made of stainless steel

7. AZ Patio Heater

This is another one of the heaters made from stainless steel on this list, which is a propane heater. This freestanding heater is 87 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds. AZ Patio Heater has an output of 41,000 BTU.

  •    The famous proof the AZ patio heater includes durability and its modern design
  •    The heater is made from stainless steel
  •    It has a stylish two-tone steel and bronze design
  •    Not every part is made of stainless steel
  •    It does not have a robust packaging

8. Golden Flame

The Golden Flame is a propane patio heater with a 46,000 BTU. The heater is built with an innovative burner system that will continue to heat even during gusts of wind. The unit measures 20 inches by 30 inches by 89 inches.

  •    Distinct from other patio heaters, it has a pilotless burning system; this heater does not waste fuel
  •    Another great benefit is that you don’t need to worry about the flame being blown out by the wind
  •    The 46,000 BTU output of this heater guarantees that you can enjoy one of the warmest heaters around
  •    The base is designed in a way so that it can be quickly filled with sand so that you can add 30lb weight
  •    The reflector hood takes this heat output and ensures that it is dispersed as widely as possible out into your patio
  •    It is not safe for using indoors

9. Amazon Basics Havana Heater

This is a very stylish heater for your outdoors, as it gives you the option of selecting any one of the three colors it comes in. You can choose it in slate grey, bronze, and stainless steel. Amazon Basics Havana Heater is 89 inches tall, which is quite high for an excellent outdoor heater. It has an output capacity of 46,000 BTU and piezo ignition.

  •    The fuel can automatically and quickly be turned off
  •    It comes with a wheel at the base to make it portable
  •    It can heat a large area
  •    It is not easy to assemble
  •  The instructions manual is not specific

10. Fire Sense Patio Heater

This is another excellent outdoor heater, which a heating capacity of 46,000 BTU and with one and a half foot by 7.4 feet dimensions. Fire Sense Patio Heater is one of the tallest heaters that are available in the market. What makes it stand out among the array of heaters is its innovative gird.

  •    It has an automatic turn off the feature, making it safe for all get together
  •    It has a variety of designs and colors, making it aesthetic for your patio
  •    It is easily portable and easy to operate
  •    It cannot be used indoors

Further Information

To have your heater running and warming up the place, you would need to use propane, electricity or natural gas. Each of these fuel types has its benefits, thus saying that either is better than the other would be wrong.

  • Propane is not only easy to use, but it is easy to move around. It is available in different sized tanks, which you can purchase, depending on the nature of your requirements, whether it is or high usage or low. Those heaters that use propane can be easily set up anywhere, without any specific needs, such as getting it installed. Also, the tank would not be visible, as you can place it in the base of the heater, concealing it and making sure that it does not make the overall look of the place weird. The only drawback with using propane is that it is quite expensive.
  • The benefit of using this type of heaters is that the fuel is very cheap. You can set up the heater anywhere and attach it to the gas supply. Even though you can get a constant amount of this type of fuel, yet you would be required to plumb the heater to an amount of gas line that already exists. This nature of the heaters in a way limits the probability of usage. Therefore, you cannot move the heater around the patio. It will be fixed in one place, which would not provide the maximum heat for a considerable area.
  • Another type of heater, which you can place in the patio, is electrical power heater. These heaters are ideal if you want to have fresh and clean air when you are enjoying your time outside. Most of these are reasonably priced and efficient when it comes to their operation and fuel consumption. However, you would need to get a professional to install them, and you would not be able to move it around as freely as with heaters that use propane or natural gas to fuel them.


These are just some of the outdoor propane heaters that are available in the market. Each one has its benefits and disadvantages. Before you go out and make your purchase, it is necessary that you understand your needs. Unless you know what you want from this outdoor propane heater, you would not be able to buy the right one. If you do not have ample space and get a heater which has a very high output, it would just leave you, and your guests feel uncomfortable. Also, it might only cost you too much, and you might not end using it as much. Thus, understand why you are purchasing an outdoor propane heater. Once you have done that you need to set a budget. Try looking for a heater which meets your needs and is within your budget. These are just some point which will make it easier for you to get.