10 Best Solar Landscape Lights Reviewed

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Solar Landscape Lights: 10 Lights that Can Improve Visibility Every Moment

I have a very young family, and I have no doubts that I want the best for them in many ways. I happen to be fortunate in life, because I inherited a barn, which I hope to maintain and keep a close eye on for the rest of my life. For several years, I have watched how the barn I inherited blossom into a good business. The reason is that all things were set in place by my grannies when they handed over the barn to my parents. Today, I have decided to continue the tradition of improving the quality of this barn so that I can pass it down to my children, the way my parents passed it down to me.

Every since I took over from my dad in maintaining the barn, I have been dealing with many issues, and one of such is animal attacks. One of daughters missed being beaten by a snake, because she was moving innocently around the barn without noticing she was stepping on a snake. There are other times in which I mandated my daughters to always keep a touch light when visiting the barn next. The reason is that the barn still has an old look, and it is far from the high way, meaning I do not consider it necessary to use a cable light to illuminate areas to provide visibility for everyone. I have been urged several times by my wife to light up the pathway of our home leading to the barn. This has been a difficult idea considering the fact that I have to keep the barn running through the income I generate from it on a daily basis. Since drawing power from the highway is an option I am not willing to consider, I have decided to go for solar landscape lights. My reason for choosing solar landscape lights is that I can spend little on lighting the pathway to the barn without disrupting the daily flow of income coming from the barn.

In the course of my search online to the alternative options of lighting up the surrounding of my barn without direct use of electricity, I came across some unique products that do not need to work with electricity. Having successfully acquired them, I have no difficulties walking round my barn, ensuring that there are no wild animals that could be a threat to the existence of my family, since everywhere is lit up by solar landscape lights. I have taken out some time to do a review of ten solar landscape lights I have come across, giving you an opportunity to light up areas in your location that do not need to be powered by electricity, necessarily. These reviews will help you chose the best product in your next line of shopping.

What are Solar Landscape Lights?

Solar landscape lights are self-sustaining electrical items that generated electrical energy for lighting up areas in the absence or presence of cable electricity. Interestingly, we are in a time in which one has to cut excessive spending on bills, especially utility bills. How useful can it be when a person has to spend more for lighting up the surrounding, the pathway or the lawn with electrical energy? Solar landscape lights can allow one light up dark spots at no extra cost. Moreover, you can harness the energy of the sun to provide illumination for your surroundings without depending solely on electrical energy.

The Functions of Solar Landscape Lights

Choosing to opt for solar landscape lights come with their benefits, especially at moments you need to cut the excessive cost on running on utility budget on a daily basis. There are quite a lot of benefits that one can gain from choosing to use solar landscape lights. There is the certainty that you are saving your business from bankruptcy, especially when you are having a down time in selling your goods to a wide range of visitors. Rather than have yourself worked up for paying expensive utility bills, you can switch your attention to better energy alternatives, which are also cost effective. There are no doubts that you can make use of solar landscape lights, because they have functions that can be beneficial to your daily activities. Some of these functions are highlighted below.

  • they can help you illuminate places that are difficult to fix electrical lamp stands.
  • solar lights provide illumination to places that could be a spot for perpetuating various crimes.
  • they are automated light source that does not require human intervention.

Features that You Need to Point Out before Purchasing Solar Landscape Lights

Perhaps you are dissatisfied with the way in which some spots around your home are far too dark for your liking. You don’t have to run new cables for setting up a new lamp stand when you have several illuminating options to choose from. In order to meet your demands in lighting up those dark spots around your home, there are some features you need to identify before you settle for a solar landscape light. This way, you know what you need to purchase so that you don’t make the wrong choice, requiring you to facilitate a return process which can be time-consuming.

  • A solar landscape light should be adjustable. The reason for opting for an adjustable one is that you can create a spotlight for places in and around your home that needs more illumination.
  • A good solar landscape light should come with two interfaces: you can string it to the wall or stick it to the ground, depending on where you want illumination to get to.
  • An auto sensor lightdetector is also an important feature that needs to be present in a solar landscape light, so that functions are automated, without needing human assistance.
  • A good solar landscape light should be waterproof.
  • They should have in-built rechargeable batteries.

10 Best Solar Landscape Lights

Now that you have been pondering on how you are going to light up dark areas around your location with less cost, here are the ten best solar landscape lights that you can select, which will go a long way in illuminating those dangerous dark places, shielding you from attack from a person or an animal.

1. ?InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1 Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Lighting Spotlight Wall Light Auto On/Off for Yard Garden Driveway Pathway Pool, Pack of 4 (White Light)

If you are in search of a solar landscape light that can be fixed on the ground or on the wall without delay, this is the product you need to opt for. The reason is that the product comes with spikes, allowing you to put your product on the ground or the wall easily. Some pros and cons of this product are provided below.

  • the head lamps and solar panels are adjustable allowing you to illuminate any sort of dark angle at night
  • can also be converted to an indoor lamp
  • lights shine brighter at night
  • can stay lit up for several hours without failing
  • can work when the weather is dim
  • batteries go flat easily after a full recharge
  • spikes for mounting the product on the ground or the wall are short
  • the light is unable to cover distance beyond three feet
  • not a good recommendation for spotlights

2. Solar Pathway Lights LED Landscaping Lighting [Stripe Light Effect] 6X Super Bright (8 Lumens) Stainless Steel, for Garden Patio Yard Lawn Path, 8-Pack, Copper

In order to give your gardens that therapeutic sighting at evening times with the best lighting, this product, with eight lumens can provide the quality service needed to make every moment memorable. The pros and cons are provided below.

  • can stay up to eight hours after a recharge
  • has strong sturdy stands for maintaining firmness on the ground
  • low heat tolerance
  • can also serve as a decorative light, beautifying your garden
  • lights go dim quickly at night
  • the stakes can easily break while inserting on hard ground
  • life expectancy of the product does not exceed ten months

3. Mini 50X Twin Solar-Powered Cast Aluminum Warm White LED Spotlight 60-100 Lumen Per Light Fixture for Outdoor Garden Yard Landscape Downlight

This product can be used in modern home designs, apart from the fact that they are designed to light up lawns and gardens. The pros and cons of this product are pointed out below.

  • special magnifying lens for projecting light
  • strong metal stakes, ensuring the product can mount on the wall or ground firmly
  • function in cloudy situation
  • goes dim after a two hours long use.

4. SURSUNNY Solar Lights Outdoor [16 packs]- Solar Powered Pathway Lights Outdoor- Bright White- Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Lawn/Patio/Yard/Walkway/Driveway (Stainless Steel)

This product is unique in itself, in the sense that it can withstand different weather conditions because of its stainless steel. It is a reliable source of energy for lighting driveways, gardens and pedestrian passages at late hours of the night. The pros and cons of this product are listed below.

  • stainless steel has a strong coating, which can withstand all sorts of harsh weather
  • provides uninterrupted light energy for ten hours
  • fully automated, requiring no human effort to function
  • easy to install
  • material is made of plastic, which can result to bending or denting of its important parts

5. Leruiyi Landscape Lights Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Lamp Waterproof Garden Light Portable Wireless Pathway Lawn Decorative Solar Touch Light

For those that like spending some time on a long vacation outside their homes, this product can be used to light up camps, functioning as a mosquito repellent device. With its wireless capacity energy can be generated from the rays of the sun to charge up its batteries to provide safety from mosquito bites, and a good illumination on a camp site. The pros and cons of this product are listed below.

  • can light up dark areas automatically, by the function of its light sensors
  • serve as a mosquito repellent, keeping the skin safe from insect bites
  • lighting is dim, which may not be sufficient to light up extremely dark places

6. Multicolor Solar Spotlights, Holan 4-LED Solar Landscape Lights 180 ° Adjustable Waterproof Outdoor Security Lighting 2-in-1 Wall Lights Auto On/Off

If you want to give your garden the perfect light essence, you can switch your attention to this product. The reason is that it is uniquely designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, while still providing light at dark hours. Moreover, this product can last up to five hours on the spot, lighting your gardens and backyards, giving it a fresh look. The pros and cons are highlighted below.

  • adjustable, providing avenues through which all nooks and crannies are illuminated
  • product is easy to install, either on the ground or on the wall
  • solar panels are adjustable
  • product is fragile, breaking off easily when handled without care
  • lighting does not stay for long hours

7. Solar Spotlights, 9-LED Solar Lights Outdoor Adjustable Wall Light Waterproof Landscape Solar Lights 2-in-1 Security Lights with Auto On/Off for Backyard Patio Driveway Gardens Lights (3)

This product has a unique feature in which you can either switch to a high-light mode or low-light mode, depending on your preferences. It also comes with a wireless solar panel feature which allows you to install it at any point in time in a desired location. The pros and cons are listed below.

  • lights come out very sharp at night
  • light is evenly distributed, regardless of the position the product maintains
  • installation process is easy
  • doesn’t light up for many hours as expected
  • spotlight does not go beyond five feet

8. GIGALUMI Solar Powered Path Lights, Solar Garden Lights Outdoor, Landscape Lighting for Lawn/Patio/Yard/Pathway/Walkway/Driveway (2 Pack)

This product has an ancient design which makes pathways look quite ancient. The energy from the sun is the only power needed to light up your surrounding during dark hours. As a Self-sustaining product, you rest assured of getting the best out of its consistent use. The pros and cons of this product are highlighted below.

  • reduces the high cost of utility bills
  • its ancient design can give a unique look to your environment
  • spikes break off easily when inserting in the ground
  • screws are not perfectly secured in place.

9. Newly Upgraded Solar Garden Lights Outdoor, Solar Powered Ground Lights LED Landscape Lights, Disk Lights, Solar Decking Lights, Walkway Solar Lights (White)

This product is wireless in the sense that the solar panel and LED are attached all together. In this case, all you need to do is insert it in the ground, and it is ready for use. Interestingly, the size of this product bellies its capabilities. The pros and cons are listed below.

  • made of stainless steel which keeps it intact from exposure to rain
  • can illuminate surrounding areas perfectly, regardless of the numbers available.
  • daily activities are automated.
  • reduces excessive spending on utility bill

10. Maggift 6 Lumen Solar Pathway Lights Solar Garden Lights Outdoor Solar Landscape Lights for Lawn Patio Yard Pathway Walkway, 6 Pack

This product can be used in all sorts of weather conditions. While being exposed to the sun between five to six hours, you can enjoy unlimited access to light in the evening or at cloudy moments. The pros and cons of this product are provided below.

  • installation of this product is easy for anyone.
  • product functions are fully automated.
  • waterproof.


Having provided a review of ten solar landscape lights, you now have every reason to consider saving energy. You can reduce your budget on utility bills by fifty percent when you consider other better options for having access to light. In the past months in which I have switched my attention to solar landscape lights, I have been able to protect my family from danger, because I have provided apparatus that can assist my family in walking in the dark, without stepping on wild animals.