8 Best Headlight Restoration Kit Reviews 2019

Take care of your car in the garage and it will take care of you on the road

Maintenance and care is the first rule of possessing a machine. Every machine needs constant care on regular intervals for efficient performance and therefore all machines industries have paved ways for sister industries of care and maintenance. One such machine whose maintenance and care is an equally big industry as itself is the automobile industry. Automobiles have grown to be a mandatory part of human life in the past two decades. Bank loans and cheap manufacturing of cars have led to an increased rate of car purchasing, leading to many innovations in car care. However, taking care of a car is as difficult as driving a car, there are many important parts of a car which require regular care and replacements. Fatal accidents can occur due to faulty and damaged car parts.  One such important part of car care is headlights.

A headlight is a powerful light in front of a motor vehicle which enables proper envisioning of the road ahead for the driver.  It is normally mounted with special kens which enable illumination of the road ahead. It is an absolute mandatory item for driving at night, in fog and in heavy rains. Headlights need to be working in their prime condition to ensure safe driving. The light that is installed in formally called a headlamp and the beam of light which it produces is a headlight, but most commonly it’s referred to as a headlight.


Headlight innovation has been happening since the 1880s. The first headlights were fueled by acetylene lamps which were famous because the flame was wind resistant, but later the first electric headlights were introduced in 1898 but short lived bulb life reduced the feasibility of this headlight. Headlights were then redesigned with varying beam length and designs, but the major breakthrough happened when halogen fueled bulbs were invented in 1962. This was the time when headlights were made mandatory by the high court for safety of the drivers and passengers. This order by the high court made use of headlights widespread throughout Europe and America, and that is when maintenance of headlights started to brew as an industry.

Car manufacturers constantly work to reduce maintenance of headlights as much as possible but still every innovation still has some loopholes which are fueling the maintenance industry to come up with easier hacks to control the decay of headlights. The most prevailing issue of headlight care nowadays is the cleaning of the oxidation of poly carbonate.

Recently the manufacturing material of headlights has been replaced from glass to plastic polycarbonate. Although plastic polycarbonate is easier to produce, cheaper in price, mush better durability and repair but the drawback is the layer of oxidation that forms on the lights. This layer of oxidation produces yellow layer on the lights which reduces the efficiency and creates a cloudy layer on the light beam. However, this problem is very easily fixable with another new innovation in car maintenance department – the headlight restoration kits. Headlight restoration kits are easy to handle self-use kits introduced by companies which can help in-house repair of headlights without visits to the workshops. These kits have numerous benefits like saving of money and time. It ensures self-dependence and easy repairs making the road safer for everyone. 


A headlight restoration kit is not going to be cheap. It is certainly going to ask for some investment and you don’t really want to pool in your money in the wrong place, do you? So before purchasing a headlight kit it is important to read the reviews available in market. A well informed decision always saves time, hassle and mental torture. Thus, we have lined up some of the best headlight restoration kits below for you, along with their brief review which will throw light upon everything that you need to know about them. Pick smartly so that you invest wisely too!

This kit uses the sandpaper technique to rinse and scrub off any signs of dirt and degradation on the kits. The components of the kit are proper sandpaper, gloves, and microfiber clothes, polishing compound, initial cleaning liquid, masking tape, and protective clear coat compound. This kit eliminates any signs of degradation and restores full lamination of the lights. This kit has a six step cleaning system of the headlights.

It includes progressive rubbing of your headlights with sandpaper, rinsing, and applying a protective clear coat compound that is applied in a well-ventilated and with rubber gloves. The coating is encouraged to be applied entirely by hand to reduce the risk of damaging the surrounding paint and lamination.

One of the best benefits of this kit is that its sand paper is of the highest quality available. It not only reduces the degradation by a larger amount as compared to others, but also increases its efficiency by many bounds. It’s larger in size and in quality both. You can grab this online easily on a lot of car related shops and it will be easily accessible in your local markets too. Amazon has it as well so you don’t really need to hassle around anywhere; you can get it delivered on your doorstep. 

back to menu ↑ This headlight restoration kit is a bit different from Sylvania as it doesn’t support rubbing sand paper by hand, instead it comes in with a built in power drill which makes powerful drilling for the sand paper which will clean the headlights. Every headlight restoration kit has something different and this one is a great pick too as it is one of the best sellers. Along with this, it comes in with a buffing pad and two-pack polishing compound. This ensures sanding, cleaning, and polishing the headlights very simple and effective.

It comes with a written and visual instruction manual, making things even easier for the consumer. You just need to go through the instructional guide properly and you will make it through with utilizing this kit perfectly. It works well on the high, low and medium beams and rinses of the oxidation very well.

Another advantage of this kit is that it covers its consequences on its own, because it comes with a drill so it will come in with a generous amount of masking tape to cover the surrounding parts of the car to secure them from any damage. The inbuilt masking tape makes this deal very affordable but this kit doesn’t come with a sealant so that has to be purchased separately.

However overall this kit comes with a very positive view and is highly recommended for purchase. Consumers have appreciated it heavily and it has raved some really nice and rise worthy reviews too, so why not make this your choice? You won’t regret it at all and this has been rated a 4.5 stars out of 5 too. It all just adds up to making it more reliable.

back to menu ↑ If you are in search of an affordable kit, then this is one of the most economical kits and one of the highest performing ones too.  The affordable price tag is not going to fool you with this amazing Turtle wax restoration kit at all; it promises to deliver excellence and fulfills it too. Anyways, the kit includes three restoration pads with various grits that range from 2400 to 8000 grit. In addition to this it comes with a lubricant known as wet sand which can be applied on the lenses.

It also comes with a compound which can reduce buffing out marks created by grit paper. Also it comes in with a sealant which allows proper shine and cleaning of the headlight and makes it very effective for long term use. However this kits is not very effective on the highly and medium oxidized lights, it is very effective on low oxidized lights and offers a very cheap method for drivers to instantly clean their headlights. It has bought in some really amazing reviews and is adored by consumers who have used it. You can get your hands on it via Amazon too and you will be able to read the reviews there as well. It just helps you a lot in making your choice.

back to menu ↑ Okay so hands down for the game changer of all the kits in the market. It won’t disappoint ya at all. This kit is the best option for all kinds of stains on the headlights – that is removing stains and yellowing, and for buffering out smudges, scratches, and other flaws. You name t and you get it done with this kit-it is this awesome.

The components of the kit are Powerball 4Lights Polishing Tool, 3-inch Backing Plate, Restoration Discs, and 8 oz. Power Plastic Polish. This is all powered with a power drill. All sanding and polishing tools are very effective and highly powered so it can threaten damaging of the surrounding areas but a little extra care can handle all that.

Drill power saves time and energy and ensures top quality. Drill powering will make the work easier and less time consuming and the headlights will retain the cleaning for a longer period of time. This kit also comes with a sealant which ensures safety of the headlights and also retains the polish from oxidation in the near future. This kit is also highly recommended due to its features which save time and money. Yes, this is yet another affordable restoration kit which delivers its full potential to you.

back to menu ↑ This is the best kit when it comes to remove resistant strains and heavily oxidized headlights. This kit can remove all stains and make the heavily spotted headlights completely new. The best feature is that it retains clarity of the lights to complete maximum ability. Clarity is increased due the high quality polishing tools which make the headlights shine and completely rejuvenated. It comes with inbuilt polishing tools, sandpaper and microfiber towels.

It is the most effective way to bring back the scratched and yellowed headlight back to its original and untouched form, and most importantly it works the best on heavy duty oxidation.  It is not very expensive and can restore almost damaged headlights to new form and save you the hassle of replacing them. This is also a highly recommended purchase on almost finished headlights and is one of the best sellers in the market these days too. You don’t have anything to doubt about when you grab this wonderful restoration kit for your headlights.

back to menu ↑ This is one of the most advertised cleaning kits but it is not effective on heavy oxidation. At the maximum it can be used to clean medium oxidation and stains. It is a twostep cleaning process – sanding and polishing, these two processes are effective to degrade medium oxidation. Also it is not very easy on the pocket as the company charges shipping and handling separately, but still it can offer a quick respite for medium oxidized lights, however these kits I no recommended if your lights are heavily oxidized.

On another note, if you don’t have heavily oxidized headlights then this one is just fine to work with. It won’t disappoint you. A lot of consumers say that it works just fine for their heights and gives good results to them.


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Lenz Solution Restoration Kit:

This product comes in with a heavy duty and extremely powerful sealant. All of its degradation depends on the sealant and makes it a high performance cleaner because the sealant can cure heavy hard sunlight stains as well. It comes with a 2 year warranty as well but one drawback is that the sealant is used like a spray paint and this care is required for using this cleaner.

It is not referred to as a complete kit but this aerosol is a magical one for your headlights. It has proven to be able to compete with the best restoration kits out there due to its premium quality and results. It is a professional grade restoration aerosol which is able to cure hard crust which is formed on the surface of the headlight. The stubborn crusts are solved with this one easily and it won’t give you a hard time for the solution too. It also protects your headlights from UV rays which are another major plus for this. So why not buy this one when it is giving you all that you want from any other restoration kit?

back to menu ↑ This comes with foam backed sanding paper and the microfiber towels which ensures easy cleaning, also the size of the sand paper is very easy for domestic use. The cleanup with this kit is very easy and thus the disadvantages of this kit are almost none. This does seem like a very basic restoration kit but trust me when I say that this is definitely one of the best ones that you can rely upon closed eye.

The polish and sealant of this restoration kit is incredible and it does not disappoint you with its high grade formula. The lubricant within it allows easy application and is packed with all the ingredients that you would look forward to in the name of a great restoration kit. This is no way disappointing you so no worry while you bag it and invest in it. It is going to help you maintain your headlights really well and will make them look better and cleaner than ever. The results will be very evident. It is not one of the best sellers without a reason now, is it?


After having assessed all the possible reviews of the products available, it is important that a consumer should be very clearly aware of the type of degradation his or her headlights have gone through, because that’s the basic requirement. Different kits are used for different levels of oxidation, and thus wrong assessment of the level of the oxidation can result in complete wastage of money. Also, a complete review of the market is very important, once the consumer is aware of the available options; it’s very easy to make the correct decision.

Clean headlights are very important for safe driving and thus choosing the correct cleaning kits will make their life longer, will save time and money and will make sure that headlights stay shiny for a longer period of time. Driving with clean headlights will make drive safe and easy for everyone and thus choosing a correct cleaning kit can save a lot of hassle for everyone. These amazing kits are easily accessible online and you can get them delivered on your doorsteps via Amazon too. They are promising enough to bring the best results to you.

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