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A juicer should not be missing in any well-equipped kitchen. There are mechanical juicers, electric juicers and steam juicers. With all appliances you can produce juices quickly and easily. The choice of the right juicer depends on which fruit or vegetable you want to juice. The quantity also plays a role.

The juicer as a practical helper in the kitchen

The mechanical juicer is used for the rapid pressing of oranges and lemons. The small and handy appliance has space in every kitchen cupboard and is quickly ready for use. If you want to produce larger quantities of juice, you are well advised to use an electric juicer or a steam juicer. In addition to the functionality, the appearance is decisive. There are juicers in a great design that are a chic eye-catcher on the kitchen worktop. The process of juice production is enormously facilitated with the appropriately selected kitchen appliance in any case. In addition, freshly squeezed juices make a valuable contribution to a healthy and wholesome diet.

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Using the juicer to process your own harvest into juice

Anyone who owns their own garden is faced with the question: Where to put fruit and vegetables during the harvest? The juicer is a useful kitchen appliance that can also be used to process large quantities of juice. The juice can be preserved by sterilisation, which creates a supply for the winter. The preparation of the daily fruit juice and vegetable juice portion is also effortless with a juicer. Juice presses are ideal for the production of fresh juices of all kinds.

Different juicer models

Ideal for citrus juice: Mechanical juicers

Quickly squeeze out a lemon, make fresh orange juice for breakfast in the morning – citrus squeezers are ideal for this. The mechanical juicer consists of a cone on which the halved fruit is placed. You turn half of it on the cone, the juice flows into the collecting container, seeds are held back. The electric citrus press works according to the same principle. There are also citrus juicers with lever action, which not only convince with their easy handling, but also with a trendy design. Mechanical juicers are uncomplicated to use and easy to clean.

Fast and efficient: electric juicers

Large quantities of juice can be produced in a short time with an electric juicer. Inside the device there is a beater knife which crushes fruit and vegetables. At the same time, the juicer rotates and the centrifugal force squeezes out the contents. The device is ideal for harder varieties. Only berries with seeds, for example currants and grapes, are not in good hands with this type of machine. Modern electric juicers work quietly and the individual parts can be easily removed and cleaned. The finished juice collects in the collection container, the pressed mass, the so-called pomace, remains in the machine. Many fruits and vegetables can be processed completely, resulting in delicious and healthy smoothies. This method preserves the vitamins very well.

Perfect for large quantities: Electric steam juicers

Electric steam juicers work according to the principle of heat and steam development. The material to be juiced lies in a sieve container, underneath is a second part of the device, which is filled with water. As soon as the water is heated, steam develops. The steam bursts the fruit or vegetables and the juice runs into the collecting container. This method is particularly gentle on berries. This type of juicer is usually operated with electricity, but there are also models in which the water is brought to the boil on the hot hob. The juice comes hot from the appliance and can be filled immediately into clean bottles. Electric steam juicers are also excellent for processing large quantities.

Juicers in the past and today

Juicing has always played a major role in the kitchen. Juice is healthy and tastes delicious – from fresh ingredients, possibly from your own garden, even better. Crushing, pressing, squeezing, squeezing, draining: In the past, all these processes had to be laboriously done by hand if you wanted to produce fresh juice yourself.

Today, there is a large number of machines available with which the fine taste experience can be quickly put on the table or bottled. The first electrical appliances were cumbersome to handle and clean, and noise was often considerable. Modern juicers work quietly and efficiently, the individual parts of many appliances can be washed in the dishwasher. It’s worth looking for and finding the right juicer!






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