Top 10 Best 3d Printing Pen 2018 Reviewed

best 3d pen 20173D Pen which you can use to draw or design whatever you want in 3D.

With the rising technology, everything in the World is changing and is getting modernized.

Everything has evolved and so has Pens! Yes Pens! The Pen that you write with or designers used to draw with. You must have wondered some day when you were a kid if you could draw in Air or in 3D, right?

The day has come when you can actually do that. Imagine drawing your favorite animal, car, or anything not on the paper this time but out of the Paper, in 3D!

Art has now truly moved into the World of Technology, and introduced different kinds of 3D Pens.

Isn’t it great?

Technology has done wonders. Nowadays, Fashion Designers and Pretty much everyone in the Fashion Industry are using a 3D Pen due to its wide range of uses. 3D Pens aren’t only just limited by Adults but they can also be used by Kids, as they come a lot handy when it comes to Kids.

Best 3D Printing Pens

Here, we will discuss some top rated best affordable 3D Pen Reviews.

1. 7TECH® 3D Printing Pen with LCD Screen Ver.2015 light Blue Free Spatula Included

The 7Tech 3D , like a magical wand allows you to give shape to your imagination. With just a wave of your hand you can give shape to your thoughts. The 7TECH 3D pen is designed to suite your needs and requirements. 7TECH has incorporated the latest technology which allows users to operate it manually.

7TECH® 3D Printing Pen

This 3D pen is slim and light weight around 10.5 ounces, which allows it to be comfortable and easy to use. Its dimensions are 7.3 x 1.1 x 1.6 inches. For better results it is integrated with auto-standby mode, enabling it to go on standby after 5 mints of idleness. Its advance mechanism prevents auto jamming.

This 3D printing pen has incorporated an LCD screen for enhanced 3D creativity. Moreover LCD Screen shows you your temperature control, speed, filament. For safety measures there is an aluminium spatula for protection against hot nozzle. Get creative at just very affordable price. That’s a great deal to catch!

2. SketchPro LATEST EDITION 3D Pen Kit – 3D Printing Pen, Kid Gift w/ LED Screen – Art Toy w/ FREE Art Stencils for 3D Drawing – Arts and Crafts

SketchPro released their latest edition of 3D Pens, bringing massive changes in the latest edition. This handheld 3D art pen is suitable for everyone, being used by kids safety has been the first priority is safety, it comes with an automatic shut-off and quick-cleaning functions. Safe, ergonomic and comfortable for all hands and is surely going to impress you once you get your hands on it.

3D Pen Kit

The latest addition to this 3D pen is integration of a Huge LED screen that allows users complete control over their designs, temperature and feeding. Its ergonomic design allows it to fit perfectly in your hand and offers more convenient and fun use. It also features some very exciting smart functions such as automatic shut-off, adjustable temperature and speed, quick warm up time, easy and fast changing of filaments, quick cleaning function, and digital temperature and speed readings further assists ease-of-use. It weighs 5g and has dimension 8.6 x 5.3 x 4.1 inches.

SketchPro 3D pen with its latest editions is suitable for all to use it and give shape to their imagination. This time
It’s a great monetary saving offer! Grab it!

3. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen With 50 Plastic Strands, No Mess, Non-Toxic, Smoky Blue

Take your creativity to a next level with 3Doodler pen. This 3D pen is equipped with the latest technologies that every 3D pen users want in their gadget. The advanced 3doodler 3D is compatible with 2.0 version and original plastic.

3Doodler 3D Pen

Some of its latest features include 3 dimension drawings, simplified and automatic controls, new nozzle design for better results, redesigned unblocking system, drive system is amended, quick heat up time (in just 1 mint), and temperature settings for both ABS ad PLA plastic. The fun goes on with its easy switch colors where you can switch colors. This 3D is designed for Artists, Designers and everyone that has a mind for creativity. 3Doodler’s 3D Pen is highly rated among other 3D Pens. It expels heated plastic which instantly hardens allowing you literally to draw in 3D, Freehand or on paper.

4. Scribbler 3D Pen V3 New Awesome Design Model Printing Drawing 3D Pen with LED Screen Different Colors

Scribbler introduced its latest 3D Pen “V3” with updates. The Newest Model of Scribbler’s 3D Pen includes all the lasts features such as Large OLED screen which gives the user of V3 complete control over details like Temperature and Feed Settings to manage their drawing experience.

Scribbler 3D Pen

It releases the perfect amount of filament for accuracy, so that your art or your work is precise as much as it can be, making it like just you want it. You can use different Filaments with Scribbler’s 3D Pen “V3” such as ABS, PLA, Flexible, Wooden, Bronze, and Copper Plastic.

Its Safety functions include Ceramic Nozzle which makes it much safer compared to Copper Nozzle provided by other manufacturers. It has an automatic shut off system after a couple minutes of no use for your safety.

5. 3D Printing Pen, Glyby Intelligent 3D Drawing Doodle Art with 1.75mm ABS Filament Refill

Glybly 3D Pen has ranked as the #1 best seller on amazon. It comes with simple features and a very humble design which makes it easy to use and manage. Its stands out among other 3D printing pens based on the exciting features it offers.

3D Drawing Doodle Art

It has a standard filament melting and that is also reliable. It has a specialty of automatically going to stand by mode in 5 minutes of inactivity. It allows you to adjust the speed and temperature with a single press of a button so that you can work at your own pace. Glybly 3D Pen doesn’t have a problem with running fast or jamming or just flat out breaking.

Glybly 3D Printing Pen comes with 18 months warranty as well.

6. Dream Maker Pens – 3D Printing Pen for 3D Drawing, Arts & Crafts, Home School Teaching and Includes VIP FREE Templates, Template Club Access, ABS Plastic Filament – 3D Printer Replacement

If you want to have creativity and want to bring your dreams and imaginations to Life then this the 3D Pen you need to have.

Dream Maker Pen for 3D Drawing

Dream Maker 3D Pen is an innovation that can help both adults and kids in creating work of Arts. It is supported by a concept that this Pen can be used to draw objects either in Air or on Paper.

One of the best features of this pen is that if you run out of the filament, you can always refill it. You can then try out new colors, stunning designs, simply you can choose what you want with this 3D pen in your hand. Its light weight feature makes it user friendly and comfortable to use, so all you have to worry about is giving shape to your imagination nothing more.

This 3D Pen is also packed with child friendly features such as Jam Unclogging Mechanism and LCD. A unique mechanism is added which allows he plastic to dry much faster than any other 3D pens in market. It has an auto standby feature that is useful whenever someone forgets to turn off the pen.

7. Soyan Standard 3D Printing Pen for Kids, With ABS Filament Sample and Drawing templates (Gray)

Soyan 3D Printing Pen is light weight and a slim design, making it user friendly unlike many others in the market. Most of its functions such as temperature can be controlled manually. It comes with different colors of filament so you can create any project according to your own taste.

Soyan Standard 3D Printing Pen for Kids

This 3D Printing Pen has increased the filament heating power little more than others to 150-250 Degrees.

This gives you an extra melting power but one has to take care of the nib in order to avoid personal injuries. It comes with a 0.4 to 0.7 nozzle, with the instant cooling technology it promises safety and perfection for your designs.

This 3D Printing Pen can vary the spinning speeds to meet your certain needs. Most of Amazon’s User Centric Review has a 4.5/5, which means that most of the user that purchased this pen loved it.

8. WER Intelligent 3D Printing Pen, 3D Drawing Model Making Doodle Arts,Crafts Drawing, 2end Generation LCD Screen, With 20 PCS PLA/ABS filament(0.8kg), Ideal Christmas Xmas Gift for Friends(Purple)

WER Second Generation 3D Pen uses PLA or ABS Filament which is heated on a high temperature to create a 3D object instead of just creating it on a paper. It has an LED screen for better usability, temperature controlling system where you can control the temperature of the filament.

WER Intelligent 3D

One can easily control the extrusion Speed, Temperature and the Filament. This 3D Pen can be used by both adults and kids. Its package comes with 20 pieces of PLA filaments each piece measures 10m.

9. ToBeter 3D Printing Pen with LCD Screen for 3D Drawing and Doodling with 3 Loops of ABS Filament Material, Power Adapter, Manual – Pink

ToBeter 3D Printing Pen is a great tool for those that love to create. It is an awesome 3D Pen for those who are interested in 3D Modelling. This 3D Pen can be used by children above 8 and also can be used by hobbyist and professionals alike.

ToBeter 3D Pen with LCD Screen

ToBeter 3D Printing Pen will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of no activity. It’s a great provision for those who have forgotten to switch off pen. The heating element will stops working if you forget turning it off, making it suitable even for kids.

This 3D Printing Pen has a facility of Increased Regulating Temperature, where you can adjust the temperature according to your own working momentum. The Package for this pen includes 12V 3A Power Adapter; 3 Loops of ABS Filament Material.

10. Plusinno DIY 3D Printer Printing Pen with LCD Screen for 3D Printing,Drawing and Doodling + 13 PLA Filament(10 Different Colors) + 10 Paper Models for Practice (Blue)

Plusinno DIY 3D Pen is tested before it’s sold to you, it’s a maintenance check so don’t worry if there’s residue on the pen tip. Its filaments come with odorless nontoxic material that makes it ECO friendly and safe around the kids.

Plusinno DIY 3D Printer Printing Pen

It is suitable for 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament. This DIY Scribbler 3D Pen has an LCD that shows you control of the temperature and filament. Side buttons allow you feeding control. It has a heating temperature of 160-230 C degree which is adjustable. It has a non-metallic nozzle, 0.7m; for fine 3D unguided drawing, the melted material cools down pretty fast.

What is a 3D Pen and How does it Work?

A 3D Pen is a type of latest technology where you don’t get to draw your creative ideas on paper but you get a chance to actually convert your ideas and imaginations into something. With a 3D Pen you can draw or create anything in Air as well as on Paper too.

A 3D Pen uses plastic instead of ink, hence from here the 3D design comes from. Once you insert the plastic filament inside the pen, it gets heated using a kind of heating technology by the companies. This heat is strong enough to turn the plastic into liquid once it has melted, you can start your creativity or for whatever purpose you might have bought the 3D Pen.

The melted filament once excreted from the Pen turns into hard plastic giving you your design. If you are thinking what you can actually do with your 3D Pen then the possibilities are limitless. With a minor design to a major design, with one color to other color, with one filament to other, with one temperature to other, you can create any design by using a 3D Pen.

Guide: How to Pick the Best Pen?

Before you think of Buying a 3D Pen for your creative ideas make sure to check the following factors.

The Price

As there a great number of 3D Pens, you can actually choose a Pen that suits your Idea or Creativity. You have to keep in mind your Pocket Worth because you don’t want to buy an expensive pen that doesn’t even suit your style and your design. So before going to buy a pen, do check their prices.

The Features

Every 3D Pen is unique in its own way. Every 3D Pen has a number of different features, for example there might be a 3D Pen where it doesn’t have a filament that you need and there might be another which has. Before you rush to buy a 3D Pen, Do check its features thoroughly so that it matches your requirements.

The Brand

Brand name or Brand matters a lot in the World of Business. If a company has a good brand name then it means it has a great product than other. Credibility matters a lot when it comes to buying equipment’s or anything from a company.

Check the 3D Pen’s Brand before buying.

Return Policies

Return Policies are too important to buy anything and so it goes with 3D Pen.
What if you buy a Pen which gets malfunctioned in the minute that you use and they have no returning policy, all you money would be thrown into a drain just because you wouldn’t have read their returning policies.
Do read the company’s Returning Policies before going to buy a 3D Pen.


At the moment, buying a 3D Printer would cost a lot! Yes, in a case where there is a large project and you need a 3D Printer then its fine but for small exhibits or small projects where you need to keep the Project materials small then a 3D Pen is the best tool for you.

The Market of 3D Pens is new but there are many choices for you. So, before choosing, give all the 3D Pens a read we have accumulated for you, for your pleasure and for your time saving.

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