Squeeze blackheads – yes or no?

Squeeze blackheads – yes or no?

Everybody has done it at least once: In the morning, in front of the mirror, simply squeeze out an annoying blackhead with your fingers! Without preparation, without consideration of hygiene and without having to clean the now open-pore afterward. Find out why this process is so bad for the skin, what incredible risks the careless squeezing out of blackheads and pimples involves, and how you can get your blackheads out of your skin gently and safely.

What traces are left behind when blackheads are squeezed out?

Acne scars remain as unpleasant memories, even long after the time of impure skin is over. And even if you haven’t pressed your pimples and blackheads once, the scars that are automatically created by the healing process cannot be prevented entirely. However, if you cannot keep your fingers off your blackheads, the full effect will only be exacerbated.


Do you have a preferred way of getting rid of your blackheads & whiteheads?!

By not expressing them professionally, bacteria can get deep into the tissue. There they ignite inflammations, which in most cases leave scars. A legacy that later can only be removed with expensive and complicated cosmetic treatments such as micro bleeding.

The Danger Triangle: Where pimples can be life-threatening

Incredible but true! Squeezing blackheads and pimples can, in the worst case, lead to serious health problems and even death. In the medical report Annals of Surgery, this realization was already made in 1937. Nevertheless, hardly anyone is aware of this rare but genuine danger.

The risk mainly concerns the imaginary triangle between the upper lip, the bridge of the nose, and the area between the eyes. In other words, an area in the middle of the T-zone of the face, which is particularly prone to skin blemishes. The cavernous blood vessels that lead directly to the brain run under the thin skin here. If you press violently on a pimple or blackhead, your fingernails can cause an injury. If this injury affects not only the skin layer but also the blood vessel underneath, the bacteria and impurities of the skin impurity are pumped directly into the brain. The terrible consequences can be paralysis, blindness, and even death.

The big exception: The Comedone Squeezer

If the blackhead does not lie in the dangerous triangle, there is a device that allows you to squeeze it out without risk. The so-called comedone squeezer was developed by dermatologists, especially for the removal of blackheads and is also used in numerous cosmetic studios. An excellent blackhead remover tool is made of high-quality surgical stainless steel and can be optimally disinfected before use.

The blackhead is pressed out of the pore with a loop at the end of the comedone squeezer. The pressure builds up evenly, unlike when using your fingers. Where the fingernails could injure the skin, the blackhead remover tool does not cause cracks. When working cleanly, no bacteria get into the open wound. All this makes the Comedone Squeezer the only safe method of squeezing blackheads.

Blackhead removal by the cosmetician

Even though the comedone squeezer is an optimal tool, you can never remove your blackheads as thoroughly as a professional beautician. Especially if you suffer from blackheads also on your back or neck, going to a beauty salon is the ideal solution.

Many studios offer a special program for customers with impure skin, which combines the necessary removal of blackheads and cleaning of pores with soothing care products and relaxing facial massages. The skin is first prepared for the removal of blackheads with a steam bath. This warming process opens all pores in the face. Afterward, the cosmetician, observing all hygienic standards, squeezes out the blackheads using a comedone squeezer.

The vast majority of cosmeticians only remove mature blackheads, which can be easily removed and pulled out of the pore. If too much pressure is needed on a blackhead, it is left out and only removed at the next removal. For many customers, the monthly visit to the beauty salon is, therefore, a fixed appointment. If your budget does not allow these visits at the moment, a one-off appointment can also be beneficial. After the comprehensive treatment by the professional, further application can be made comfortable at home with your comedone squeezer.

Finally, the beautician will pamper your skin with cooling and moisturizing care products. You should not do it without these at home. Especially suitable for this are rich masks for sensitive skin and creams for night care. Peel-off masks, strips, and similar products should be avoided on the day of the blackhead removal with a comedone squeezer. They would stress and irritate the skin too much.

The right diet

Not only the lack of sleep but also an unhealthy lifestyle leads to bags under the eyes and other marks on the face. The three most harmful vices are:

  • Alcohol
  • nicotine
  • fast food

Of course, you don’t have to do without every glass of wine or every juicy burger. What is important is a diet that is as balanced as possible and provides you with all vitamins and minerals. The three most basic food groups in your daily diet should be fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain products. Avoid ready-made products and cook your favorite dishes yourself to have control over your salt intake. Too much salt can cause water retention in the body. If these accumulations form under the eyes, your dark circles will turn into bags under the eyes.

HINT: Using salt sparingly does not mean having to eat bland dishes. Use other spices more vigorously and cook more with fresh or dried herbs.

Iron and zinc

Do you notice dark circles under your eyes, especially during your menstruation? Then this can indicate a cycle-related iron deficiency. Iron deficiency reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, resulting in symptoms such as tiredness and dark circles under the eyes. Circles under the eyes are also common in women with chronic iron deficiency. The most effective way to combat iron deficiency is to take food supplements. Ask a pharmacist for advice. Iron-rich foods such as oatmeal and nuts should also be on your shopping list.

A lack of zinc can also lead to dark eye shadows. Zinc is a component of meat and cheese, pumpkin seeds, and lentils as well as linseed and poppy seeds.

By the way: The foodstuff with the highest zinc content is oysters. So treat yourself to the luxury now and then, your health and beauty will be delighted.


Cucumber slices are the absolute classic among household remedies for a freshness kick around the eyes! Take a cucumber out of the fridge, cut two slices off, and place them on closed eyes for a few minutes. The high water content in the cucumber cools the skin, makes swellings disappear and constricts the blood and lymph vessels. Although cucumbers do not have the often promised anti-aging miracle effect. Still, if you have once again had too little sleep for two hours, the cucumber method is the most straightforward, cheapest, and most uncomplicated household remedy for an alert eye.

Potato slices

No pickle in the house right now? Raw potatoes are just as effective against dark circles. Cut out two thick, half-round slices and place them under your eyes. The cosmetic effect of potatoes is also stronger if they have been in the fridge beforehand. The potato slices should remain on the skin for about 15 minutes so that the natural brightener in the potato juice can develop its effect.

Black tea

Do you like black tea? Then don’t throw the tea bags away when preparing the next pot, but place them in the freezer to cool down and later on your eyes for a maximum of 10 minutes. The substances in the tea leaves stimulate the blood circulation, which in turn makes eye shadows disappear. If the teabag is nice and cool, this also helps to reduce any swelling. When choosing a tea bag, make sure that it is made of pure black or green tea. Teas with other flavors such as vanilla or lemon are not suitable for placing on the eyes.

Cold milk

A beauty secret that Cleopatra already knew about! Milk not only makes the skin soft and smooth but can also help with dark circles under the eyes. Dark shadows are lightened by the lactic acid as well as proteins and antioxidants. The milk for the beauty ritual is best kept well chilled. Pour a little milk into a bowl and dip two cotton pads in it. Place the pads on or under your eyes for about 10 minutes. Finally, gently cleanse the skin with water to remove any milk residue.


The trend fruit avocado not only tastes good, but it is also a frequently used ingredient in skincare. Avocados are rich in fats. On the skin, these substances lead to more elasticity and a large portion of moisture. In order for the avocado to really exude its full effect, it is best processed into a mask. To do this, crush half of a ripe avocado with a fork. In a small bowl, add a tablespoon of curd cheese. Apply this mixture to the skin under your eyes and let the avocado mask work for about 15 minutes.

When you have prepared enough of the mask, you can use it not only for your dark circles, but spread it over the whole face because other parts of the skin will also enjoy intensive care from nature.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a versatile product that can be used for cooking, as well as for hair and skincare. Coconut oil is best used overnight to combat dark circles under the eyes. In a glass, the oil is usually solid and only becomes liquid when heated. Take up a little coconut oil with your fingertip and let it melt at your body temperature. In its liquid state, the oil is gently dabbed onto the skin and massaged in circular movements. Leave it on while you sleep and remove any residue from your face the next morning. To effectively remove dark circles under the eyes, coconut oil should be applied every 2 – 3 days.

HINT: Try to fall asleep on your back and as straight as possible. If you sleep on your side, you risk that the oil will not stay on your skin but will be wiped into the pillow. This not only reduces the beauty effect but also makes unsightly stains on your pillowcase.


Rosewater is full of antioxidants that help to rejuvenate skin cells. The by-product of the extraction of rose oil has been used for centuries for cosmetic purposes. To use rose water against dark circles under the eyes, soak a cotton wool pad or cotton ball in it and place it on the closed eye for 15 minutes. Then gently clean the area with lukewarm water.

Rosewater is less effective than other natural remedies. To visibly reduce dark circles around the eyes, it should, therefore, be used twice a day. If you are already using an eye cream for dark circles, rose water can be used as a wonderful addition. Rosewater is considered to be particularly well-tolerated and also helps against pimples.

Mint leaves

Fresh mint leaves contain the so-called flavonoids. These stimulate the blood circulation and give the skin a new feeling of freshness. To prepare the mint for use against dark circles under the eyes, the leaves have to be crushed in a mortar. Alternatively, the mix can also be made in a smoothie maker. The paste is applied directly to the dark circles around the eyes for 10 minutes. Take good care that none of the mints get into the eye. This could cause irritation.


The spice turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties. These are ideal for reducing eye swelling and lightening dark eye shadows. To get turmeric with all its active ingredients on the skin, you need to mix it with other products to make a paste or mask. This works with, among other things:

  • Yogurt
  • Almond oil
  • Potato juice
  • Tomato juice
  • honey

At least 10 minutes, the turmeric must be allowed to act on the skin. Then wash it off gently. Daily use is recommended until the dark circles under the eyes have disappeared.

Black pepper and coffee powder

Coffee not only wakes us up from the inside but when applied, it also stimulates the skin and helps to tighten it. For this, however, the coffee beans must be freshly ground. Black pepper stimulates the blood circulation. From these two complementary foods, you can conjure up an effective eye mask within minutes after a short night. To do this, place half a teaspoon of coffee powder in a bowl together with a pinch of black pepper fresh from the mill. Mix the resulting powder with either coconut or almond oil. The mix can now be applied under the eye and works there for 5 minutes. After this time, the whole mixture must be wiped off thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Curd cheese

The dairy product quark helps with many skin complaints, for example, sunburn. Applied as a face mask, quark is a natural moisturizer that does not cause any problems even for very sensitive skin. If the quark is applied to the skin under the eye in a well-cooled state, it stimulates the blood circulation. Slight rings under the eyes become paler. Also, quark is the optimal basis for all-natural face masks as it can be mixed with any ingredient.

Cold spoon

A cold spoon is the classic SOS tip against swollen eyes and dark shadows after a long night. Practiced partygoers are said to always have two spoons in the fridge as a precaution. If you’re not one of them and you want it to go quickly, you can also put the spoons in the freezer for a few minutes to get the right temperature. When the time has come, press the spoons with the curved back gently on the closed eyes and stay in this position for two to three minutes. Afterward, you can start the day looking fresh despite the hangover mood.

Why are blackheads black?

It is a widespread misconception that the black dots on the skin are dirt. The uppermost visible point of a blackhead does not darken due to dust, exhaust fumes & Co, but is the result of a chemical process. Find out what exactly is behind the various types of blackheads and how skin impurities are created in the first place.

Where does the black color of blackheads come from?

Blackheads that are visible as black spots on the skin are also called open blackheads. The sebum and other elements that make up the blackheads are mostly under the skin. The uppermost layer, however, lies freely at the opening of the pore. There the blackhead comes into contact with oxygen and reacts by turning black. The reason for this is the natural pigment melanin, which occurs in all cells and oxidizes in the air. If you have ever expressed a blackhead before, you could see exactly that the rest of it is white-yellowish and only an extremely thin layer has taken on the black color.

What is behind white blackheads?

Not all blackheads are black. There are also those that appear white on the skin and are therefore sometimes confused with small pimples. White blackheads are also called closed blackheads. They lie completely under the skin and form a small elevation that can be felt when you run your fingers over the blackhead. Just like pimples, white blackheads should never be squeezed, even with a comedone squeezer. An electric pore cleaner that vacuums blackheads can’t do anything against them either, because the pore is closed. Here it is important to wait until the white blackhead has healed. Special creams can accelerate this process. Have a look at the tested remedies against blackheads.

How and why do blackheads develop?

The human skin has so-called sebaceous gland follicles. These are not found in large numbers all over the body but are mainly found on the face, but also on the back and chest area. These are exactly the places where blackheads appear in the majority of cases. Each sebaceous gland follicle is made up of

  • a small, very fine hair.
  • a large sebaceous gland
  • a wide follicular canal that ends at the skin surface

Excessive sebum production can occur for a variety of reasons. Very often this has hormonal reasons. During puberty, when the hormones go crazy in boys and girls, blackheads and pimples are a common problem in almost everyone. But sebum overproduction also occurs in adulthood. Women often get more blemished skin in the days before and during menstruation. Taking up or discontinuing hormonal contraceptives can also affect the sebaceous glands.

But not only the hormones play a role. Some people simply have a genetic predisposition to blemished skin. This often affects people whose face is always quite oily. A special skincare routine with products specifically designed for this skin type can help here.

Last but not least, lifestyle also plays an important role in the formation of too much sebum and the subsequent blackheads. Oily food, nicotine, and alcohol all have an influence on the skin and its appearance.

TIP: Pay close attention to the point at which you suffer more from blackheads. This way you can find out what the cause is and act accordingly. For example, remove milk from your diet or, as a woman, consult your gynecologist if you suffer from hormone-related skin blemishes. Your gynecologist can prescribe a different pill or give you other important tips for clean skin.

The information page Wikipedia provides a graphic illustration of the exact appearance of the two different types of blackheads below the skin.

How does the blackhead differ from the pimple?

Blackheads and pimples are not completely different skin phenomena. Pimples also develop in clogged sebaceous glands. Often a blackhead can also develop into a pimple. If the sebum of a white comedo does not break through the skin by itself, an inflammation will develop under the uppermost layer of skin. This is often also caused by bacteria that have penetrated the pores. The consequence of the inflammation is the production of pus. This pus makes the pimple large and often makes it pulse painfully. Around the pimple, the skin reddens. In this stadium, the blackhead that has become a pimple must not be squeezed out under any circumstances. Treat it with anti-pimple creams and let it heal. Try not to touch the pimple with your fingers. Bacteria that could spread over your fingers in the rest of your face will adhere to it.