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Callus Remover Buying Guide:

How to choose the right callus remover

Cornea occurs mainly in the area of the soles of the feet and heels, as these areas are exposed to daily pressure and friction. In order for the skin to become soft and supple again, it needs sufficient moisture. However, if body lotion or oil baths no longer provide the necessary help, it is essential to use an electric callus remover. A roll of metal, minerals or diamond particles gently grinds away the excess cornea and softens your feet or hands. Read our Callus Remover Comparison 2020 to find out what you need to look for before buying a corneal remover and how to use it to achieve the best possible results.

1. What is a callus remover?

In our callus remover comparison, we have only considered electrical brands that are used in pedicures. With some devices, however, you can also remove cornea on your hands. Electric corneal removers are pedi-handheld devices which, thanks to various attachments, remove corneas of varying intensity on different parts of the body. The models of the best-known manufacturers usually rotate at approx. 30 rotations per minute.

Depending on the pressure exerted, the rough surface removes the unwanted cornea. Some corneal remover kits also contain an oily cream that you can use to apply cream to the affected areas after the treatment. back to menu ↑

2. what types of callus remover are available?

In our callus remover comparison 2020, we compared electric pedi types from the best-known manufacturers that differ only slightly in type and category. This is why it is important to know the different types for effective corneal removal in order to determine the personal corneal remover winner before buying. Today the electric corneal remover is the most popular and simplest remedy against cornea. Before these practical devices came onto the market, there were several methods to treat the cornea. In case of light cornea formation, cornea reducing cream is also often used. Often suppliers sell complete sets for foot care, which also contain tried and tested products for foot care. We would now like to introduce the most important products to you.

Electric Foot Callus Remover Kit, ELMCHEE Rechargeable callous removers 3 Grinding Heads Portable Waterproof foot file, Professional Feet Care Perfect for Dead, Hard Cracked Dry Skin
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Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover
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  • Gawervan callus remover gently and effectively buffs away rough, dry feet and hard calloused skin effortlessly. Turn cracked heels into silky smooth ones with just one use. Gawervan Electric feet callus removers is a safe and professional.
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FARI Electric Callus Removers, Rechargeable Foot File for Dead Skin, Waterproof Pedicure Kit with 2 Coarse Rollers Heads For Hard Cracked Heels
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  • [FOOT PEDICURE SPA RESULTS] – How to remove the callus in minutes? The callus removers gently and effectively buffs away rough, dry, hard and callused skin in seconds. With this cordless callus remover you feel like you’ve gone to a professional salon minus the luxury beauty costs. With our FARI electric callus remover kit, Pamper your feet with spa like pedicure in the comfort of your own home.
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Electric Foot Callus Remover: Rechargeable Pedicure Tools for Men by Own Harmony - 3 Rollers Professional Spa Electronic Micro Pedi Feet File Care Best for Hard Cracked Skin and Powerful Exfoliation
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  • POWERFUL HIGH PERFORMANCE Motor: Features a Powerful High Torque Motor with over 2000 rotations per minute for an exceptionally smooth and soft touch; Tired of grinding your feet with pumice stone, grinder, sander, and grater-like tools? With this electric callous remover kit watch years of callused, dry, hard skin and cracked heels give way to smooth Happy Feet in minutes
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Liberex Electric Callus Remover - Rechargeable Foot File Callus Shaver Hard Skin Remover Pedicure Tools with 4 Roller Heads, for Cracked Heels Calluses and Dead Skin, 2 Speed, Battery Display
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  • 4 REPLACEMENT ROLLER HEADS -- Professional foot callus remover contains 2 fine roller head and 2 coarse roller head. suitable for all your callus removing needs. coarse roller head can remover stubborn horny dead skin, fine roller head use for daily care. You can choose suitable roller head according to the skin to care, offer you foot pedicure spa results, say goodbye to cracked and rough skin or years of rigid callus, stubborn dead skin, give you soft, smooth and healthy heel and feet in minut
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3. purchase advice: pay attention to this when buying a corneal remover

The cornea is sometimes very painful. For this reason, we recommend that you do not use just any device on your feet. In our corneal remover comparison, you will find information about important criteria that you must consider before buying.

3.1 Scope of application

As a rule, hands and feet in particular are affected by cornea formation and are the subject of a good pedicure. These parts of the body are exposed to high stresses in daily life, which is why the body provides these sensitive parts with cornea protection. A thin layer of cornea, therefore, does not cause any problems but makes the areas robust against external influences. If, however, too much cornea is formed, unattractive and painful tears often occur, especially on the feet, which can lead to considerable problems in everyday life. Electric callus removers are mainly used for the feet. We also recommend that people who work in the craft sector, for example, make sure before purchasing that the corneal remover can also be used on the palms of their hands. Particularly small rollers make it possible to remove cornea even between the fingers.

3.2 Roller thickness

If some areas of the skin are particularly affected by cornea, we recommend that you seek professional and good foot care. For less serious cases, models with roller attachments of various thicknesses, such as Pedi devices from Scholl, are suitable. If your skin should show a little more cornea, you can treat the affected area with a coarse roll. If, however, only a thin layer of cornea is visible, which you would like to remove for aesthetic reasons, we recommend a fine roller for treatment.

3.3 Procedure

In our callus remover comparison, we compared Pedi devices from Scholl, Velvet and other well-known brands that are operated either with a battery or with a power cord. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to show you below.

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4. care and cleaning advice

You don’t know how to care for an electric corneal remover? After you have finished treating your callus, your roll is covered with a light layer of dust because parts of the micro granules have come off. Our tip: Wipe over the roll with a dry cloth to remove the surface from the roll. Otherwise you don’t have to do anything more to clean the cornea. As soon as the roller is worn out and you can no longer remove your cornea, you must replace the roller with a replacement roller.

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5. you should pay attention to this when using callus remover.

You have already found the best corneal remover for your affected areas and need helpful tips to use the device correctly? For areas that are particularly severely affected and painful, be careful not to apply too much pressure with your device, otherwise bloody areas may develop. Move the roller lightly over the cornea until the area feels soft and soft. Finally, you can lubricate the affected area with a grease cream to soothe the skin.

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6. corneal formation from a medical point of view

In medical jargon, cornea is called Callus. This is a thickened area of the skin that has been exposed to too much pressure or friction over a long period of time. This occurs mainly on the feet when shoes are worn. Also craftsmen know the problem of the cornea formation particularly at the palms of the hands. In medicine, hyperkeratosis is the process by which the outer skin builds up an increased horny layer, i.e. calluses or corns.

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7. questions and answers on the subject of corneal remover

7.1 Which Callus Remover suits me best?

If you only suffer from very little corneal formation, we recommend a particularly gentle Pedi product that does not have to perform at its best. With such a model you avoid tearing away healthy skin under the cornea, which can be very painful. However, if your cornea has already progressed further, we recommend that you use a slightly more powerful device. In this case it is also important that the product has a coarse role, otherwise you will have to treat your cornea for several hours.

7.2 When should I remove my callus?

Our editorial staff recommends treating cracked heels and cornea on other parts of the body with a corneal remover regularly throughout the year in order to keep them healthy. In the worst case, you will have to go to a professional chiropodist for this treatment. Some manufacturers offer foot care sets that also include nail scissors and nail file as well as oils for a foot bath. After stroking, you can also apply a nail hardener or nail polish to your toenails.

7.3 When do I have to change the roller for my callus remover?

As soon as you notice that your electric corneal remover is no longer as effective as it was at the beginning, you should use a replacement roller. You will also notice that your roller is worn out by the fact that it is lighter than before because the grain has been rubbed off. For satisfactory results, we recommend that you change your roll regularly. For hygienic reasons, also avoid using the same roll for several people.

7.4 Do I have to soak my feet in the foot bath before the treatment?

No, you do not necessarily have to soak your feet in the foot bath before the treatment. As a rule, the best way to remove the cornea is to apply the products to dry skin. However, the feeling of skin removal during foot care is more pleasant if the feet have been prepared in a warm foot bath beforehand.

7.5 When should I use which role?

Most corneal removers have two different rollers: One strong and one fine. The strong roller is used to remove thicker corneas well. The fine roller, on the other hand, helps to effectively remove excess cornea and prevent cracked heels. Find out more about various products and the grain size of their rolls in our corneal remover comparison.

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