25Dollar1Up Review – Legit or Not? With Compensation Program Insights

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Hi! Welcome to my 25 Dollar 1Up Review!


So you’ve heard about the 25 Dollar 1UP. All these talks about the program, questions, and more and have not also spared you to get hooked. This is why I decided to make my 25 Dollar 1UP Review, I want you guys to get to unveil the truth, find the facts and discover the secrets too.

So everyone wants to know.. Is it a scam or not? Authentic or something else?

It was all over the social media. All these stuff, both the good and probably bad, made me wonder too and wanted to dig into all the information that could help clear everything on my mind and on others’ too! I researched and strived to compile all the data and compose my thoughts. Now I have deeper understanding of how the 25 Dollar 1UP got into the online scene, how it was relaunched, and currently works (with paid commission plan).

Now, my 25 Dollar 1UP Review will uncover everything from the people behind it up to the current program schemes. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and details of the compensation program (paid commissions) are provided. Videos could better explain and so never miss them out!

Before we continue, do know that I opted for the 25 Dollar 1UP because I believed it to be legit – and in time has totally proven it to be one.

There you go, YES it is NOT a scam at all (for me)! It is a great system for those like me just starting to earn money online and I’ll tell you more about it’s legitimacy if you’ll just let me.

What I’ve heard and discovered to be TRUE?

It has everything that you and I need to gain affiliate commissions online continuously.
Residual aspect to the program is offered, thus making it a powerful one overtime.
Bonuses are rewarded to all members

I’ll talk about the bonuses deeply in the last section of the review

If you’re ready to join us, get to start learning how to earn online, clink the link below (find your way to the 25 Dollar 1UP paid commissions!)

The 25 Dollar 1UP Review

The 25 Dollar 1UP was launched being a system that provides instant commissions through payment processors of choice. They can be set up personally. It has gained great popularity with everyone wanting to earn money online easily. But the system had some issues, compelling the owner to take action. It was re-launched with the corrupted and malicious code still being included. The issues died down and eventually everyone continued to avail of the opportunity on a new platform. There was no fee with the owner upholding good morale and values.

That’s it, now we’re done with the backstory so I want to share the company details and my assessment.

The 25 Dollar 1UP System

The 25 Dollar 1UP System was designed by TJ Holloway. He was the one behind the success and popularity of some affiliate programs and even these MLM companies. All he had in mind was to create systems that could help everyone out. Earning money online can be hard without any guidance. Without hesitation, he designed the 25 Dollar 1UP System to extend help in earning commissions online.

Hope you’re happy to know who the maker of the 25 Dollar 1Up is. A buddy in the world of online money and commissions!


The 25 Dollar 1UP Products

For an easy start, there are tools and training (for those who upgrade). There’s no other simpler way but to upgrade to the $25 level to gain access to all of the gold member options.

The $25 Gold Level includes access to:

  • Qualifications to $25 personal and pass up commissions
  • Residual income option with the company MyEcon personal development audios
  • 4 capture pages with lead capture forms
  • Facebook support group
  • Pre-written ads marketing system for visitor and lead tracking

The $100 Platinum Level includes access to:

  • $100 and $25 personal and pass up commissions (if qualified)
  • All of the features of the Gold Level
  • Email to personal leads
  • 60+ videos of training and personal development
  • Postcard template mailers and access to mailing list providers
  • Done For You PostCard Service
  • 3rd party autoresponder like Aweber
  • You have access to your own personal branding page
  • 12 banner ads to market your other businesses

The Platinum Level paves the way for more spots for more training videos and marketing videos that ca be added on. Have this ability to open up your own page within your member back office. Embedded affiliate links can be added on this page too. All these products are essential and there’s even one more thing I shall be explaining in the later part of this review, one thing that you need as well to earn commissions. It’s a sufficient program for you, something not to miss!

Fearless to say that you are being offered a complete marketing system – a “done for you” system with the potential for passive and residual compensation. You’re even free to make those personal choices to take part in.

After discussing about what you can do at various 25 Dollar 1UP levels, I now move forward to the 25 Dollar 1UP compensation plan.

The commission structure has been used for decades by companies in various programs successfully.

There 2 levels or packages available, which are:

  • The Gold Package ($25 one-time)
  • The Platinum Package ($100 one-time)

Update: 2 more levels are being added!

  • The Diamond Level ($250 one-time)
  • The Enterprise Level ($500 one-time)

The 25$ level is the only requirement for one to start earning commissions. The other levels are optional! It’s not pricey and risky no doubt.

The MLM companies’ commission structures are complex. While the 25 Dollar 1UP is more of an affiliate program, and so its payout structure is easier to understand and deal with. It is structured very simply. If you’re someone not used to or newbie to online paid commissions or the likes, this compensation plan of the 25 Dollar 1UP is for you!

Here’s the compensation plan breakdown:

The 1st personal referral you keep and earn either $25 or $125 commissions from that person.
The 2nd personal referral is passed up to your sponsor or next qualified upline sponsor in line.
The 3rd personal referral that you refer you earn either of the these two: $25 or $125 commissions.

When you reach your 3rd personally sponsored member you keep all commissions and earn $25 or $125 commissions from those referrals.

Either you make $25 or both $100 and $25 commissions, it all depends on your level. If you purchased the $25 level alone then you are only qualified to earn the $25 commissions. If you paid for both levels, the $25 gold level and the $100 platinum level, you can have the $125 commission upfront.

The pass up commissions structure roots on the members’ level. The qualification of the next upline member depends on his level. The next one in line will receive the $25 commissions if at the $25 level, for the $100 commissions, the next upline sponsor should be at the $100 level no doubt.

Pass Up Commissions

The main idea is to pass up one personal referral to an upline. But all of the referrals has the potential of earning $125 commissions. If you have four referrals for an instance, you can pass up your second referral to your upline or sponsor, then you can keep the rest.

Aside from that, your referrals, when they pass up commissions, you can earn as much as $250 commissions. It continues, when your first, second, third, and so on pass up their second referral to you as their upline or sponsor. The chances of earning commissions can be too many, limitless as well. You can earn tons of commissions just from one downline if you get very lucky.

Next section, the outline of the products and how the plan works. I am sharing a video, from the company, that can better explain what’s being offered.

25 Dollar 1UP Opportunity Video

There are people who enjoy learning through videos, thus, I want to share a video, which I found to be complete. It has good explanation of what the program has the offer.

The entire product line for the two packages, the Gold and Platinum packages, are explained. A comprehensive breakdown of the compensation plan is also included.

Coming right up is the FAQ section. A lot of materials are out for everyone’s concerns, questions, etc. But, I believe I have here some really useful information that could serve as the answer to the hardest and unanswered questions.

Most Asked Questions – FAQ Section

How Much is it to Join the 25 Dollar 1UP Program?

To get started, you need to pay a one-time admin fee of $10.

Then, you can choose any of the two packages or both packages to start earning commissions.

There are two options for you. Choose any or both of these packages/levels:

  • The Gold Level for $25 one-time purchase
  • The Platinum Level for $100 one-time purchase

There are more to come soon..

The Diamond Level is a $250 one-time purchase. The Enterprise Level, a $500 one-time purchase. You are not required to upgrade. There’s no time frame as well. If you want to upgrade say to the Platinum package, you can do it at any time but you can miss commissions from your Platinum referrals. It will always be based on your package or level. Commissions will be passed up only to the next qualified upline sponsor.

Is it Accredited With BBB?

No, it’s not accredited as of the moment. Some take this a bit negative but the company is new and it is designed as an affiliate program.

There are talks about the accuracy of the ratings from BBB. There are issues on the sources of these ratings, worst being said to be manipulated thus making them false ratings.

Can the 25 Dollar 1UP be Cancelled?

Yes, it can be cancelled at any time. However, without a refund. It can be done through your back office, click Cancel.

What are the Payment Processors to Use?

There are many options for you:

PayPal – This is the most basic. Once started, this is the best option. It’s simpler. However, when you’re getting commissions over $200, it’s preferable to switch to Stripe.
Stripe – Most recommended for higher payouts.
First Data – Ideal for you if you’re earning that big commissions.
Autorize.net – Along with the First Data, also recommended when already earning larger commissions.
Offline Payments – You can take checks, money orders or direct cash through your back office. Activate a member too if you wish to.
Payza – New! Perfect for international customer.

My best advice is to use PayPal when you’re still starting to earn commissions. As your commissions gets bigger, set up Stripe. Choose between First Data or Autorize.net then on. But First Data has the least amount of fees so it’s highly recommended.

My 25 Dollar 1UP Final Review

So my final review includes these thoughts about the purpose and end results of getting oneself into the 25 Dollar 1UP. It’s a great way to earn money online. By starting out right, you have the chance to earn commissions. Avail of the packages. You can start out purchasing the basic package of $25. Know who to make as your downline.

Make more connections and you’ll earn much. There are also some great payment processors to use when getting your commissions.
Don’t really bother yourself about the issues that surfaced long time ago. The owner/creator aimed of giving us a system that can really create money for us. It’s simple and safe!

Sign yourself up and know all the details, Understand pretty well all the terms and conditions. If you’re little confused of something, ask.

Start earning money online through the right strategy and people.

Is the 25 Dollar 1UP Legit or Not?

Let me help you, yes, it is legit. Take away this fact that it is designed as an affiliate marketing program with the aspect of a network marketing team building. Technically, it is an affiliate program that offers digital products.

There are products to avail to start building residual income with a legit MLM business as well. Training and tools are provided as you make yourself part of the 25 Dollar 1UP progam. It is also considered a marketing system helping to build an MLM program.

It is a known fact that MLM companies have marketing system from which they get monthly subscriptions. Others want to use their platform and there are associated commissions too at hand. They’re not questioned, they have been considered legit. Why does the 25 Dollar 1UP be any different? Probably, the pass up commissions cause the little confusion. They seem tricky. But the 25 Dollar 1UP is still an afilliate program, only with a little different pay out structure.

Yes, the 25 Dollar 1UP is LEGIT!


Thank you and I am glad you stayed up to the last part of my review. I was once a newbie and didn’t know much about online commissions.

But it’s really possible to go a long way earning money online.

I wish you’ve learn a lot about the program, products and compensation scheme. I am hoping you get clarified.

Thank you.

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