4 Best Bass Headphones Reviewed

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Everyone has their own choice of music and how they like listening to it. Some enjoy slow music while others want the extra loud experience or the bass to pop out. With the majority of people adoring the bass effect, the bass headphones are now a huge thing in the market. They are trending in the headphones encyclopedia as they kill the sound from the surroundings completely and bring in the wonderful music experience that you probably haven’t had yet.

Bass headphones are meant for the perfect audiophiles who wish to feel the ground shattering music experience of all times. It is no longer impossible to do so as the bass headphones deliver that very perfect music sense to all the audiophiles out there. However, we have rounded up some of the best bass headphones that you can rely upon to get the most wonderful and magic sense of music through them. They pass through the mainstream headphones that we use in daily routine and pop out the real essence of music in actuality. The in-depth experience is worthy of the money and we have listed the best of the best bass headphones right here, with a detailed review for each one of them. For all the audiophiles, just scroll down and let’s begin the hunt for your best bass headphone right away as we have listed a really detailed review for all the bass heads out there.


The following discoveries have been adored and have raved really positive reviews from the users. You can invest in these without any worry of them not delivering the wanted experience to you. Let’s get down to a detailed review of the top 4 best bass headphones. We have pointed down all the features that you might need an answer about.

Ultrasone PRO 900

This bass headphone is an “over the ear” type headphone and has closed back so that the noise cancellation effect is guaranteed. It has a 10/10 rating for the bass effect that it delivers. It is famous for the deepest and best bass effect creation that any headphone can ever offer to the user. It also has an amplifier connected with it.

Ultrasone also brings in great comfort of wearing it as it has been designed with soft ear pads. So hands down guys as this champion of all the bass headphones are the perfect pick for the bass lovers out there. It won’t rob your wallet at all as it is super affordable according to the amazing bass experience that it has to offer. It is famous for the punchiest bass that it produces and the deep and tight effect of bass that it delivers. This Ultrasone Pro works amazingly if it is paired with a portable headphone amp. This aids it in giving the extra boost of the bass effect to the user.

Ultrasone Pro headphones have been created with the sound plus technology which acts as the core component on producing the clarity and detailing of the music and in separating each cord and sound from one another. Its range is from 6 to 42,000 HZ and offers an impedance of 40 ohms. This impedance plays a high role in producing the bass. They have 40mm titanium drivers which also play a huge role in the detail and clarity of the music that these headphones are capable of delivering. There is no doubt in the fact that these bass headphones will satisfy the bass lovers out there completely as they are the champion of all the others. They are also amongst the highly demanded bass headphones. With all that being said, at the end, it is great if you pair these amazing headphones with a portable headphone amp. This will further boost your bass experience and the quality of these.

The artificial sound; a little downside to the Ultrasone:

The detail of music that Ultrasone offers is unbeatable. The mids, lows, and highs of the music are so crisp through these headphones that everything seems to be moving through your ears perfectly well. If you love classical music then you will enjoy it to the fullest through these pairs of headphones; it is the pure joy I tell you. The first 70 hours of listening are more of a “testing phase” as the music sounds a bit artificial. Users have also given a thought or complain about this. It does take some time to hit the natural effect completely. You will have to bear up with the first 70-100 hours and then it will sound completely detailed, smooth and natural. Obviously a lot of people might consider it a letdown within the first 70-100 hours but whoever gets through them will realize how much of a blessing they are. You might feel fatigued too if you have been listening to music on them constantly for some hours. The soft ear pads make the listening experience comfortable for sure but maybe the time span does matter. It is always great to take a break in between.

Other than this, the Ultrasone Pro headphones are truly dedicated to the bass heads out there. They are adorable as they are known for creating the deepest and most detailed music! Our verdict on this one is that it is great to invest in and won’t disappoint you at all.

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Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Closed-back Headphones with Transport Box

Last update was on: 2024-07-12 5:07 am

Sony Mdr-xb950/b

The Sony Mdr-xb950 extra bass headphones are a perfect dream come true headphones for the bass heads. They have been rated 10/10 by the users for their bass effect and magical music experience deliverance. They are a perfect pick to make if you are in search of the best bass headphones within a budget. These are sealed dynamic headphones which have a 40mm driver built inside it. They also have neodymium magnets and their playback frequency ranges from 3HZ to 28000 HZ, which is super incredible. These combine to hit harder and create a bass that gives a wonderful music experience to the user. The bass basically spins and vibrates within the headphones to bring a very satisfying outcome.

These Sony headphones have been designed with soft ear pads to ensure the comfort of wear while the user listens to music. The appearance of the headphones is sleek, trendy and rather modern which is quite enough to attract anyone towards them. They are definitely aesthetically pleasing so there is no room of its appearance being one of its con. It is a huge pro for the makers who have designed it very well. Pairing these headphones with a portable headphone amp will enhance the bass effect and will be able to produce even crispier and richer music. The details will get further refined, detailed and smooth and won’t disappoint the user at all. If you wish to use it without any pairing, then that is fine too but if you wish for an out of the world bass experience than this will definitely help amazingly.

The subwoofers that are installed inside the headphones give the perfect vibrating experience that an amplifier exhibits. The electronic music just hits your hears with these headphones and offers such a delightful experience that one cannot help but fall in love with it. The highs and lows of the music are pretty clean and refined in the headphones; nothing really seems to be disappointing about them. The bass is pretty solid and impactful. You can also enjoy really high volume without any distortion. The sonic precision deliverance makes the music come alive in all possible ways.

The built-in quality of these headphones is high and top-notch. Moreover, the hold of these headphones is solid and the plastic on them makes them rigid enough to hold within their place amazingly. You can easily wear these headphones at the gym or while you are out for a run or whenever you wish to. They look so stylish that you will certainly regret leaving them behind at home so better take them along somewhere! The design of the headphones is a major pro, considering the price tag because it is definitely extraordinary and trendy. Moreover, the comfort of wearing them for long hours is impeccable and it won’t fatigue your ears or create any headache.

CONS: there is no such negative side to these beautiful bass headphones apart from one! The highs are said to be a little harsh sometimes, depending on the type of music you are listening to. This can be irritating to some people out there. they also lack a bit of the soundstage but that really doesn’t matter for the majority and closed back end headphones do lack the imaging and sound stage somehow so that really isn’t an issue.

Other than that, these Sony bass headphones are a treat to possess. They are comfortable to wear, have a sleek design and deliver amazingly deep and detailed music; all at a very reasonable price. They don’t even fatigue your head or ears, for no matter how many hours of constant music you listen to! What else can one ask for? These are going to be your erect lover for a long time for sure, so don’t think too much and just go ahead and get your hands on this beauty right away.

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Sony MDR-XB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphones w/Microphone - Black (Certified Refurbished)

Last update was on: 2024-07-12 5:07 am

Beyer dynamic Custom One Pro

Beyer Dynamic headphones are over the ear, closed back end type headphones which have an adjustable bass option and bring in a good bass effect without clouding the mids and lows.

These have a custom sound slider which allows the user to increase or decrease the bass effect according to their needs. Adjusting the sound pattern whenever you want to be a huge perk that these headphones offer and they manage to stand amongst the best bass headphones too. These have an analytical sound and a full bass sound effect which can be adjusted with the sliding of the finger. This bass headphone is originally made in Germany and has removable and replaceable accessories. This feature makes it unique in the long list of bass headphones. The over-ears soft pads are extremely comfortable to wear and don’t fatigue the ears. It is also famous as the “only” customizable headphone in the list of bass headphones.

The Beyer Dynamic Custom One Pro bass headphones are capable of delivering soft effect and keep the lows and the highs perfectly controlled. The sound quality is also clear and crisp. The treble is also well-defend which promises a refined, detailed and smooth sound quality overall. It is recommended that the headphones are connected to a portable headphone amp for boosting the bass experience and take it to a totally next level. These definitely produce a heavy bass experience for people who adore heavy music. The quality is top-notch and there is no doubt about it that this well deserves to be one of the best bass headphones available.

CONS: The testers say that the mid-levels on the custom one are lacking a bit. The highs and lows are exceptional but there is a slight issue detected with the mids.

In the end, the mids might seem a little bit of a disappointment but they are versatile and one of the best customizable bass headphones that you can invest in. these allow you to adjust the bass output easily and they are designed so finely that there is simply nothing that might seem out or order with these. The extra accessories which are replaceable are a delight to own and make your headphones unique too. With such a reasonable price tag and a wonderful bass quality, with customization available, these are the 3rd best headphones to opt for.

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beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones with Accessory Kit and Remote Microphone...

Last update was on: 2024-07-12 5:07 am

Ultrasone Signature Pro

This headphone is a beauty to stare at and to possess. Ultrasone signature pro bass headphones are the over the ear, closed-end headphones which have been rated 10/10 on their bass quality.

Only this pair of headphones can overcome the game that the Ultrasone 900s bass headphones have set. These are impeccably the best of all! The amazing clarity and detail that these headphones have to offer, is to die for and makes them worthy of your investment for sure. These are packed with the Ultra Sonic S-Plus Logic Technology. This makes it imaging and soundstage rather impressive as the closed-end headphones usually don’t have a good soundstage. This feature makes your music experience heavenly and you feel like you are experiencing everything in a concert; the lively-ness of it is incredible indeed.

These headphones have been designed with utter care and promise to bring comfort along. With the ultra-soft head and ear pads, you can wear these headphones for as long as you wish to and they won’t disappoint you at all. They have been created with Ethiopian sheepskin which brings in the perfect luxurious appearance and feel to it. The leather absorbs your sweat so finely that you don’t even realize that it might be there in the first place. The headphones have been designed like a pro, without a doubt. However, you don’t get all this luxury in an affordable price tag. Obviously, that sheepskin is going to cost you something and the extra comfort that it is offering is not for free. The Ultrasone signature pro bass headphones are tagged as one of the most costly headphones out there in the market right now. But trust me when I say that they are worth it.

Coming to the sound quality of these headphones; they are a treat to listen to. They deliver a top-notch sound quality which is outstanding and enthralling. The encompassing effect that comes with these headphones doesn’t harm your eardrums. The Pro-S Logic technology doesn’t hit the sound to your eardrums directly which becomes a great perk for sure. The sound effect is well detailed and smooth and is going to make the bass heads fall in love with it for a lifetime. The lows are so detailed that you will be able to hear the minor details or words that you didn’t even catch up to on a normal headphone till yet. Now that is a hand down moment for this pro bass headphone, isn’t it? One is easily going to get blown away with the perfectionist that this headphone is and the deliverance of such incredible quality that there is literally no negative comment raving about it. Every user praises it endlessly.

The testers say that they forgot that they had headphones on as the ear and head pads didn’t make it seem a burden for the mind or ears. It has been designed with so much comfort that one can literally go bonkers listening to music for hours and this piece won’t irritate or fatigue you at all. There is nothing like this beast which outstands in terms of designs, sound quality, vibration, and soundstage. It has overcome all the hurdles and that is why it is the pro in all ways. It is definitely worthy of the hefty price tag and is going to be your lifetime buddy. For all the bass lovers out there, there is nothing like this champion out there in the market.

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Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic Plus Surround Sound Professional Closed-back Headphones with Hard-Sided...

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So hands down moment is here as we have wrapped up the champs of the bass headphones. There are definitely so many more out there but these top 4 best bass headphones are deserving of all praise and love. They stand out in terms of everything that one is looking for when it comes to wanting the “bass” experience. If you are wishing for a magical feel and the perfect sensation that the bass delivers then pick one of these and you are going to fall in love with them. From design to quality and from the great features to the wonderful comfort of hearing music; they are offering simply everything that will make the user return with satisfaction and positive reviews only. They are easily accessible online and you can get them from Amazon too. so make your choice now and get your hands on the best ass headphone right away to experience music like never before!