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A few years ago, kids would love to play outside, doing activities that require them to move. Kids often play at the playground, at the park, or just outside the house. But because of the emergence of the digital world, playing is now associated with the mobile game, applications on tablets, and iPad. Parents allowing these tech gadgets to be played by their children is not good at all. It has disadvantages both in the physical and sociable state your kids. The radiation that is emitted by these gadgets has a great impact on the brain. In addition, everything on the internet today is not suited for your young ones.

That is why most parents still opt to purchase conventional play sets such as playhouse, dollhouse, tree house and the most common of all, the kitchen play set. These play sets are very popular for indoor play. Everyone loves food regardless of age and gender. As early as three yours old, most parents expose their children to such kind of playing to develop their skills. By giving them kitchen play set, you develop a sense of imagination and creativity.

What is a Play Kitchen?

The play kitchen is a set of toys that mimics an actual kitchen set. It has a kitchen counter, different toy food such as vegetables, fruits, meat, and eggs. It also comes with kitchen utensils like spoon and fork, plates, pan, and more. Play kitchen has a complete set of equipment for cooking such as oven, stove, pots, refrigerators and more. These toys are made of plastic components which are safe for kids. Most play kitchen develops the imaginary and creativity aspect of a kid. Most parents provide play kitchen to their kids as early as two years old. Some play kitchen has different features and products. There are play kitchens that offer coffee and drinks.

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Here are the best picks in 2019:

1. Step2 Lifestyle Custom Play Kitchen Playset

Step2 Lifestyle Play Kitchen set is innovatively designed to match today’s trends. This play set has electronic sounds and microwave sounds. The boiling pot and frying pan is being activated and procures real life sounds. It also comes with stainless steel refrigerator, microwave, oven which will develop the kid’s value to the playset. It has a granite-look counter, a pullout drawer, storage shelf, recycle bin, and sink and faucet. This kitchen playset comes with 20 accessories and requires minimal assembly. The price of this playset ranges from $99-$110.

  • Real-life activation sounds when frying and boiling
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Needs battery
  • Does not come with play food

2. Step2 Espresso Bar Play Kitchen

A coffee bar kitchen set is a simple play kitchen for preparing coffee and cooking snacks. This play kitchen will develop your child’s culinary expertise. This set can prepare breakfast and comes with electronic stove sounds. The playset comes with java station and java coffee pods which are exchangeable Coffee cups and saucers can be washed in a sink or can be stored in the oven or its large fridge.

  • Realistic cooking sounds
  • Large refrigerator for storage
  • Built-in coffee station
  • 21 pieces’ accessories
  • Large Oven
  • Small
  • Limited cooking
  • Only for coffee and snacks

3. Melissa & Doug Woode Chef’s Play Toy Kitchen

Melissa and Doug Play Kitchen is a beautifully designed kitchen set. This playset is very simple yet it can provide a genuine role-playing game for your kid. It is constructed of wood that can sure last a lifetime.  The Melissa and Doug set to have an magnificent charcoal with zig-zag tiles that gives a contemporary look in a modern home. The best features of Melissa and Doug are its stovetop and over with dials that can be turned. Its microwave plate can be turned. The refrigerator has an ice maker and freezer. This set also comes with grocery checklist, sink, movable hooks and many more. The pieces of this playset are almost just the same as the real kitchen set that makes children enjoy more. This Melissa and Doug Play Kitchen is recommended for kids aging four years old and above. You can also separately purchase accessories for his sets such as food collection and pantry products.

  • Wooden play kitchen
  • Durable
  • Has many kitchen equipments
  • Modern design
  • Small details are lifelike
  • Easy to clean up
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for ages 4 and up
  • Expensive
  • Needs spacious room when kids have playmates

4. Hape Wood Kids Play Kitchen with 13 Deluxe Wood Accessories

The Hape Wood Play Kitchen comes with 13 pieces of accessories. This play set can improve kids’ imagination and creativity. The Hape Wood Play Kitchen lets your kid learns many kitchen skills such as cutting vegetables and fruits with its wooden knife. They become organized when they are able to store many food toys in the refrigeration. The set is built with high-quality materials. It has realistic designs that mimic a real kitchen place. The set has a stovetop, burner knobs, oven, skink and more shelves to store in the ingredients, utensils and other accessories. This wooden kitchen set promotes kinesthetic growth for your children.  There are accessories that come with the set such as a spoon, pot, pan, knives, pepper shakes and salt shakes. Its accessories are non-toxic and very safe for children to use and play. It is one of the best gifts you can give your children aging 3 years old and up

  • Non-toxic parts
  • Premium wood quality
  • Safe for Kids
  • limited accessories
  • Small

5. KidKraft Navy Vintage Play Kitchen

The Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen is a simple yet promising playset you can give to your playful kid. This playset can improve your child’s creativity and imagination through the cooking set and accessories that come with the set. It has a complete set of kitchen equipment such as stove, refrigerator, oven, microwave and kitchen sink.  Its doors swing open and its knob can turn with a click. The set is painted in navy blue colors and silver accents that give a stylish and modern kitchen look.

  • Constructed with high-quality wood
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple design
  • Easy to clean
  • Vintage Look
  • Best for 3 years and up
  • Removable sink
  • Slightly expensive
  • Few accessories

6. Step2 Little Bakers Play Kitchen Playset

The Step2 Little Bakers Play Kitchen is one of the best play set on the market today. Having a 30-piece accessory, there is no limit to your child’s imagination and role-playing. This playset can make your kid enjoy cooking activities as it has many accessories that can be used throughout the play This set comes with a refrigerator, oven, microwave, faucet, sink, and many more. There are pans and pots you can use on the stove burners. You can see and hear realistic sounds in cooking and lights up when done. This set is made with high-quality materials and is safe for the kids.  The Little Bakers’ Kitchen is very attractive with its granite-like plate rack and countertop and comes with a storage shelf for tour utensils another accessory. This kitchen set can be played along with other playset offered by Little bakes such as a playhouse, clubhouse, cottage playhouse and treehouse which are sold separately.

  • Realistic sounds
  • Burner lights up
  • Plate rack
  • Granite counter top
  • Pullout basket of fruits and vegetables.
  • Requires spacious area
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Benefits of Play Kitchen

Giving your kids the chance to develop their imagination and aspiration to become a junior chef would help a lot in pursuing what they really want in the future. These type of educational toys have great benefits for your children as they develop. At a very young age, it is important to start developing their potential skills and abilities that they may use when they grow up. So we have come up with benefits that can be achieved by your kids when playing kitchen sets.

Here are some of the benefits of Play Kitchen:


By letting you kids play with toy food, they get better appreciation of colors, shapes, and patters. Toy food can help your kid sort different types of food, size, and texture. The ability to sort colors and shapes is a good way to start developing your child’s visual recognition. Aside from the recognition of shapes and colors, play kitchen also helps children to become organized. Some playsets are big enough to let kids store many accessories according to their use. When kids learn to put kitchen accessories to their proper places, they will remember this as they grow up and you won’t find it hard to teach them in the skills and necessary information relating to the kitchen.

Imagination and Creativity

When your future chef combines different food to create certain recipes, it enhances their imagination and creativity when it comes to playing. Cooking is an experimental activity and playing cooking drives your kid to experiment and imagine. When they present their recipe and applaud them for their efforts, their self-confidence is building which is a good development for a child’s personality.


Most children love to play with other kids. They are more sociable especially when it is play time. These kids often establish roles within the group. Some may be tasked with cooking and some are tasked with cleaning. After accomplishing their task, they reward themselves for a great teamwork. In addition, children playing kitchen set often requires a team. Most parents who support this kind of playing improves teamwork of the family. Children playing team up with adults in order to create a wonderful meal. Play kitchen builds cooperation within the family. Kids learning teamwork would get them through their ages.

Counting Skills

A play kitchen helps kids learn how to count. When they serve dinner or portions of it, they tend to figure out how many people are there and how many foods to serve. A play kitchen is a good place to develop your kid’s counting abilities.


Kids who are inclined to play kitchen act as leaders. When they have playmates or even their parents, they tend to delegate tasks in order to meet the common goal, which is to have a delicious meal.

Social Development

When children are playing, there is no limit to their imagination. When they pretend to be cooking, they imagine who they want to be. This gives them a chance to see how true people really work. For example, they pretend to be chefs, and by playing this role, they will know how a chef really does his function. This social development is priceless. Letting kids see a portion of the big world.


A play kitchen is one of the best play sets that you get the most value in. parents will tell their kids that they have to take care of their belongings as their responsibility. This is an important lesson every kid must possess. Even the cleaning up of their kitchen after they use it is a skill that will be of value to your kids when they grow up.

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Play Kitchen Guide Before You Buy

The play kitchen is one of the best investments you can make for your kid since it will be played for a longer period of time. However, choosing the right set for your kid can be a complicated thing. SO here are some important reminders you should pay attention when you decide to buy play kitchen:

  • Choose the non-toxic and eco-friendly set. This is very important since your kid might be playing every day.
  • High-quality sets are made of wood.
  • Estimate the size of play kitchen you want. There will be times that you have to move to another house.
  • Place it in the living room or in the kitchen.

Now that you know the benefit of play kitchen and guide to buying one, you are ready to choose the best play kitchen on the market today!


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Most kitchen toys allow the children to play in a certain area which reduces parents’ stress and anxiety. Aside from that, developing your kids sensory and cognitive skills are very important in forming his or her abilities. Role-playing toys and playsets improve the creativity and imagination of kids. These are important traits that will be beneficial for your kids when they grow up. The play kitchen is one of the best toys to start with. It can be a good investment for your growing kid. There are many products of this line available in the market. All with different features that will fit your children’s need. Be sure to check them one by one so you can get your money’s worth and get only the best for your baby.


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